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If nail biting were a disease, it would be an epidemic. An estimated 11 million adults* in the U.S are faced with this problem. Although not officially an addiction, anyone so afflicted will attest that it is a hard habit to break. "How to Stop Nail Biting" is a new book which offers chronic nail biters an effective method by which to gain mastery over an entrenched and embarrassing habit.

How to Stop Nail Biting

Nail biters now have a comprehensive system to help them stop finger nail biting permanently. "How to Stop Nail Biting" provides a systematic approach to alleviating this problem. It starts with the premise that success comes when the desire to quit nail biting is greater than the need to continue. Readers progress through exercises designed to help them permanently reverse their deeply ingrained nail biting habits.

The learning starts with the recognition of near subconscious pre-nail biting rituals, followed by rehearsing techniques designed to help one avoid, and be distracted from, nail biting temptations as they occur. The unique method outlined in the book trains nail biters to control their biting urges with techniques they can use anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances. A proper nail care routine is also included as a crucial and integral part of the process.

Many who attempt to quit have failed because they found no help from nail biting polish and other nail biting treatments after quitting initially. It is in the long term that nail biters are most vulnerable to relapsing when an unexpected biting trigger occurs. In a few unguarded minutes, they can wreck weeks of abstinence, and psychologically undermine ongoing efforts to maintain self-restraint.

Nail biters will find the system they learn from "How to Stop Nail Biting" provides a permanent nail biting cure that puts an end to this debilitating habit. They will learn to enjoy long-lasting results by gaining confidence in their ability to maintain their newfound non-biting behavior. And when nail biters begin to enjoy the appearance of their hands and nails, this strongly reinforces their ability to sustain their new non-biting lifestyle.

In a nod to the stigma attached to nail biting, the book's anonymous author uses the pen name, Stubbs Nomore. When he became serious about quitting, he could find no long-term cure for nail biting and became determined to create a system for himself. Through trial and error, he developed the methodical progressive methods taught in the book. The result is a book with easy-to-follow instructions that anyone who is serious about quitting can use to rid themselves of the nail biting habit once and for all

The book can be purchased at Amazon.com, BN.com and other e-bookstores. Booksellers will find it listed with Ingram. Bold Star Communications is a publishing and marketing communications company. It provides publishing services and marketing consulting for artists, authors and small businesses

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