29er for Heavier Bicyclists Unveiled by Super Sized Cycles

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Super Sized Cycles' introduces the first tall bike for big riders. The BIG 29er has larger wheels and a smooth, simple ride designed for riders up to 6'7" and 375 pounds.

http://www.SuperSizedCycles.com & Zize Bikes, crafters of bicycles for people who weigh over 200 pounds, announces the BIG 29er. Joan Denizot, President of Super Sized Cycles and Zize Bikes, explains that, "Most bikes are not built strong enough for people who weigh more than 200 pounds. There is a very real risk of injury to the rider if the bike or tire crumbles because of the weight."

People who are tall often top 200 pounds even while being slim, and are frequently frustrated with the common build of bikes. Denizot regularly hears stories of busted spokes and broken cranks caused by heavy riders. She states that "Super Sized Cycles is all about providing bikes for big people. Historically this has meant people who are overweight and obese, but we're expanding to include tall adults who weigh over 200 pounds. We just want people to be able to enjoy biking, and we're intent on providing the equipment so that people of all sizes can have the fun and benefits of riding."

29ers, as they are known in the bicycle world, are built with a wheel that is larger than the typical 26 inch wheel found on most adult bicycles. The 29 inch wheels found on the 29ers (thus the catchy name) allows for easier rolling over obstacles, which creates a nice ride, with no suspension needed. A taller person will just feel like it is a normal and appropriate ride for their body size.

The BIG 29er was built by beefing up a Sun Big Cruz 29er, which is sold as a one speed road bike. Zize Bikes has strengthened this model by replacing the crank and pedals with much stronger models, and upgrading from a single speed to an 8 speed hub. The seat post and collar were upgraded, and the handlebars were changed to allow the rider to sit in an upright, easy-to-maintain position.

"The issue with other companies' bikes," says Denizot "is that they're rarely built to hold more than 200 pounds. A heavy-duty one goes up to 225." Zize Bikes, the manufacturing arm of Super Sized Cycles, builds its' own bicycles which can hold 550 pounds. In addition, they have begun modifying some of other bikes already on the market, such as Currie Tech's iZip electric bicycles and now the big wheeled SUN 29er.

Tim Mathewson, Super Sized Cycles' Bike Designer, addresses the question about weight. "Some people say they know heavy people who ride just plain bikes. It is true that a normal bike can hold a lot of weight, However, it cannot do so for very long. One of the main differences with our bikes is that not only can they hold the weight stated, but they can do it ride after ride. We love giving our customers confidence to ride whenever they want to and not have to worry about their bike being OK."

The BIG 29er is ideal for riders from 5"11 to 6'7", and can be a lot of fun for a shorter person who wants the smooth ride of a larger tire. For additional information the BIG 29er, contact http://www.SuperSizedCycles.com.

About Super Sized Cycles and Zize Bikes:
The only manufacturer of bikes for obese people, Super Sized Cycles is committed to helping all people enjoy the joys of bike riding. Zize is Size with Attitude, created to empower and inspire people of all sizes.


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