New Natural and Healthy Tea Pillows by Tea GW Draw Upon Traditional Chinese Tea Culture to Promote Wellness, Prevent Disease

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Sophisticated new online tea vendor Tea GW combines a passion for high quality teas with the healing powers of ancient and nourishing tea pillows. Their newest product -- available at -- organically promotes natural sleep, relaxing properties, and a host of additional health benefits.

– New expert tea vendor Tea GW recently launched an updated line of tea pillows based upon 5,000-year-old Chinese tea culture. Tea pillows, noted for their famous healing properties and relaxing qualities, are an ancient concept, employed throughout the early Chinese civilizations in order to maintain physical and emotional harmony within the body.

Specifically developed to improve health and stimulate relaxation, Tea GW tea pillows offers a myriad of physical benefits that range from ease of pain to improved sleep. The pillow filler is crafted from 100 percent high mountain green tea, which contains several kinds of natural fragrant bodies and everlasting aromas such as tea-hydroxybenzenes, vitamins, alkaloids, and aminophenols.

Tea GW founder Gina Wu attests to both the indispensable powers of tea, and the superiority of products by Tea GW.

“Sourced from faraway ancient lands and hand-picked by experts with the utmost quality at heart, Tea GW artisanal teas cultivate the spirit, focus the mind and quench the soul,” she says.

Tea GW tea pillows are fully adjustable according to personal taste and comfort. They not only offer support and sleeping relief around the neck area, but they also stimulate harmony within the body. Made from a 100 percent cotton pillow slip and an eco-friendly silky inner layer, Tea GW tea pillows are filled with 100 percent Fujian high mountain, newly picked tea and natural herbs. Tea pillows come in an average height of 15 cm, in accordance with specialist research (although patients with high blood pressure or heart related problems are encouraged to use a slightly higher pillow height).

Within the body, tea pillows have been used to clear the ears, brighten the eyes, improve nerve and organ disease, decrease sleeplessness, memory loss, high blood pressure, and more. Aromas from tea, which can be absorbed by breathing, by the brain, and by the skin, contain calming, relaxing, and sterilization functions. This, in turn, promotes peacefulness and encourages beauty and a youthful appearance.

Whether utilized in a tea pillow or consumed as a life-enriching drink, tea embodies an entire culture of wellbeing, happiness, and physically and mentally healthy living. With Tea GW, tea connoisseurs learn to recognize fine tea and all of their valuable properties. Formosa Green Dragon Oolong, Pouchone, Jasmine, Guai-hua, and Oriental Beauty are a few of the aromatic, exotic teas available at

About Tea GW:

Tea GW doesn’t simply offer merchandise; it assimilates a fine product into an experience. As an expert tea company, Tea GW sells high quality teas as well as educates consumers on how to appreciate them fully by means of tea complexities, subtleties, and brewing methods.

Tea GW brings the adventure of flavor density and skillful brewing to its consumers, which primarily consist of people of varying age and ethnic background who are sophisticated in their taste, stylish, curious, and sensitive.

Gina Wu, founder of Tea GW regularly travels to China and Taiwan in order to visit tea farmers and tea plantations in person. Her belief is that teas grown and produced by people who share her passion for tea possess the greatest essence. Therefore, she buys tea only from farmers and manufacturers who match or exceed her love for tea.

According to Wu, tea is a matchless element, meant to be savored and appreciated for all of its natural value.

“Taste the drink of the ancients, soothe your thoughts, savor the leaves’ distinct flavor. Find rest as your essence expands, caressing your world in a new way.”

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