Gnoesis Develops First Universal Markup Solution for Web Content, Knowledge Management, Database Unification, Data Mining and Entity Extraction

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Now, business has a truly international language. Montreal-based Gnoesis introduces exciting new language designed to allow business to quickly and elegantly make global data integration a reality. Better than XML, KODAXIL instantly breaks down communication barriers and artificial limits to knowledge processing and exchange.

killer application that all web contents owners await

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Gnoesis, a leading Montreal based software research and development firm, is proud to deploy a language-neutral representation of digital assets and universal markup solution which links domain lexicons, thesauri and contexts, and eliminates communication barriers in description, usage and exchange of IT objects, allowing IT professionals to freely share across formerly insurmountable language barriers.

Offering a new perspective on the semantic Web, this truly multilingual markup language is streamlined, yet it has many more uses than XML. It is also three times smaller than its XML counterparts.

KODAXIL (Knowledge, Object, Data, Action, eXtensible Interoperable Language) paired with KODAXIOM (Kodaxil Object Descriptor and eXtensible Interoperable Ontology Modeler) offers the same representation of databases and document contents, knowledge, data, objects and processes within and beyond companies and organizations, allowing them to recast and universalize their business needs.

The inventor of KODAXIL, Avner Levy, comments, "Our extensible lexicon already comprises 450,000 language-neutral 'smart universal words' as substitutes to words in their neutral and derivative forms, that computers can 'understand' as human-produced speech, resulting in 'machine-processable' text. Our markup can express the same information in various languages or in various naming conventions, and measurement systems. Although it is now patented, many parts of this technology will later be open-sourced."

KODAXIL, which allows for global data and information exchange, will have an enormous impact across the entire range of IT related fields, from text analysis to data-mining, from entity extraction to ETL, to integration of IT operations in mergers and acquisitions, to semantic-aware web services, to multilingual search engines, to search engines by concept, to multilingual ontologies, to web and database contents and storage, to knowledge management, to collective intelligence sharing.

KODAXIL tools are very highly adaptable. Users may use the tools with existing lexicons, to create new words, aggregate existing ones, generate new thesauri or contexts on the fly, to build object-oriented applications, and to harmonize database contents. KODAXIL-based business object libraries allow for information to be streamlined across divisions of a company within and outside of its country of origin. In addition, KODAXIL's built-in inference navigates lists of relations located in contexts, which also offer word sense disambiguation and act as namespaces, rooted in augmented semantics, outputting heightened results.

Levy explains, "Composing documents using Kodaxil words for use in any language helps abolish linguistic barriers, thus creating a global village. But these important benefits are nowhere near as vital as eliminating the use of different names for the same business objects or processes, an ailment common to IT departments in most corporations or federal agencies. Ultimately, applications may use 'FirstName', 'FIRST_NAME', or'姓氏', but no matter the variation, each points to the same interoperable business object, or the same business process. This benefit may help shrink IT expenses by orders of magnitude. It also allow for more accurate data mining, as larger and larger datasets can be integrated within in a single analysis."

The implications of using KODAXIL are immense and potential future development very promising. The new language can shrink IT expenses while greatly expanding access to information. This knowledge and data representation scheme might be the "killer application that all web contents owners await," mentioned Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Yahoo! Research.

To obtain more information about KODAXIL and about its domains of application, or to schedule an interview with a member of the technical team at Gnoesis, please e-mail info(at)Gnoesis(dot)com.
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