Energy Saving, Eco Friendly 100W In Candescent Bulb Replacement Using Revolutionary 10W LCC Technology Introduced by LEDs America, Inc.

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The newly introduced 10 Watt LCC-LED Cluster Chip replacing a 100W standard bulb provides a variety of economic and environmental benefits for consumers, including a longer lifespan, lower energy usage and no environmentally unsafe gases at a price less than $25.00.

The incandescent 10W LED lamp from LEDs America, Inc. is a revolutionary new product designed to give all consumers a cost-effective, highly efficient alternative to traditional light bulbs

LEDs America, Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of its incandescent 100 Watt replacement lamp with 10W input, the energy saving and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional light bulbs and light tubes. Using an innovative breakthrough LCC-LED cluster chip technology, the 100W LED and other Led-O brand bulbs from LEDs America, Inc. give a superior ratio of lumens per watt, reduce users' energy costs and contain no ecologically harmful gases.

"The incandescent 10W LED lamp from LEDs America, Inc. is a revolutionary new product designed to give all consumers a cost-effective, highly efficient alternative to traditional light bulbs," says Jim Lysaght of LEDs America, Inc. "With its ease of use, reduced energy costs and 5-plus years lifespan, the 10W LED-O lamp is just the newest product in a series of LED lights from LEDs America, Inc. to provide consumers a lighting option superior to incandescent and fluorescent sources."

All Led-O products from LED America, Inc. fit current bases and fixtures for incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), eliminating the need for costly fixture replacement. In addition, old lamps are easily exchanged and can be installed by anyone. As they contain no harmful gases, Led-O lamps are also easily disposable. While LED lamps have a higher initial cost, the payback time is less than 4 months!.

LEDs consume far less energy than other lamp options, providing outstanding energy cost savings. Traditional CFLs and incandescent bulbs require an inductive kick to provide a high enough voltage to actually light. If the lamp is installed where it is frequently switched on and off, the energy savings of CFLs and incandescent lights are limited and the bulbs will rapidly age and burn out. The 10W Led-O lamp's LCC obtains the highest LED density per square millimeter to produce more light than anything else in the market. With a superior ratio of lumens per watt, the LCC reduces the total cost of energy by 90 percent compared to a standard 100W bulb. And with a life use of 50,000 hours or more, LED bulbs need changed far less often than traditional incandescents and CFLs.

Only part of a traditional light source's energy is transformed into light; the rest is heat, UV and an unnatural light spectrum. A light bulb's heat not only affects the temperature of the room, but the bulbs can also produce a fire hazard. The UV and other unnatural light emissions from CFLs and incandescent bulbs maybe harmful for the eyes. LED-O light bulbs from LEDs America, Inc. emit only natural looking lights and can also be dimmed, allowing users to create their desired environment. In addition, Led-O bulbs, tubes and light bars are replaceable and do not break easily, unlike regular bulbs that easily shatter.

Aside from an economic impact, shattered CFLs and traditional incandescent bulbs can have a negative ecological impact, as well. Fluorescent tubes and CFLs contain mercury, an environmentally damaging gas. The Environmental Protection Agency mandates that when a fluorescent tube or CFL breaks, the building affected and its A/C ducts need to be cleaned. With no filament or tube to break and no mercury or halogen gases, LEDs America's LED lamps mean no costly environmental clean up.

LEDs America, Inc.'s incandescent 100W replacement lamp with 10W input is available for $24.55. For more information, visit .


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