Western New York Company Seeks Stimulus Funds to Open "Green" Manufacturing Facility with Innovative Technology that Turns Waste Tires into Tire Logs™

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Re-Tread Products (RTP) has developed an innovative green building material made from recycled tires called the "Tire Log™," has moved to the production stage and hopes that the assistance of small business stimulus funds will allow it to open its first manufacturing facility in the fall of 2009. This investment in our Next Generation of Innovators and Green Collar Job Creators may serve as a model for New York and the "Green Economy" that President Obama and Senator Schumer have supported throughout the creation of the stimulus plan.

With Hurricane Season Upon Us, Schumer Touts WNY Company Developing 'Tire Log' For Use In Levee Construction

RTP's Tire Log™ is made from waste tires and may be utilized for civil engineering as well as commercial and residential construction projects. RTP's recycling method is based on a simple and energy efficient approach to recycling tires. The net result is a sustainable new green building material that may be used for Civil Engineering Projects, Flood Control, Levees, Retaining Walls, Housing, and Earthquake Survivability.

Senator Schumer was instrumental in the early stages of the Tire Logs™ development when he issued a press release in June of 2006 entitled: "With Hurricane Season Upon Us, Schumer Touts WNY Company Developing 'Tire Log' For Use In Levee Construction". Since that time RTP has completed two separate R&D projects sponsored by the New York State Department of Economic Development, Environmental Services Unit.

The initial study was to determine the feasibility of utilizing the newly patented Tire Log™ for various civil engineering projects such as levees, retaining walls and as a reusable replacement for sandbags for flood control as well as military bunker applications.

The summary of the independent engineering tests conducted during this study read as follows: "The inherent characteristics of this unique building material make it capable of withstanding deformations that would crack or break conventional building materials. Furthermore, the testing of individual units demonstrates that after test loads are released the product is capable of returning to its original shape. Due to this "bend but does not break" characteristic of the Tire Log™ it may be well suited for building applications that are prone to severe and unusual stresses/shock forces such as explosions, earthquakes, wave action, water and ice pressures, flying debris and vehicle impacts."

Due to the success of that initial demonstration project RTP was awarded a second R&D grant to develop an automated manufacturing system to enable them to mass produce the Tire Log™ in a cost effective manner in order to meet the expected market demands. With the successful completion of the machine design RTP in now prepared to open a pilot manufacturing facility in Salamanca, NY. This incubator green manufacturing facility will enable RTP to test and refine its manufacturing process and will serve as a model for future facilities through out the country.

With stimulus funding RTP could have this pilot factory operating by next fall. Each factory will produce 10 -20 full time manufacturing jobs as well as utilizing large quantities of waste tires to produce an innovative high value construction material. RTP will partner with municipal waste facilities to turn their waste tires into this valuable building product that may be utilized in many of the proposed stimulus infrastructure projects such as levees, flood/erosion control projects, highway projects, etc.

The applications for the Tire Log™ seem to be as vast as the imagination and creativity of its different potential end users. Due to the Tire Logs™ energy absorbing, "bends but doesn't break" characteristics it may have its most profound value in areas that are prone to earthquakes or other extreme forces such as wave action, explosions or vehicle impacts.

The Tire Log™ will be a practical alternative for lumber and concrete in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications and is made from a "raw material" that can be found nearly everywhere. It is an excellent substitute for chemically treated timbers in applications requiring an inert, non-biodegradable material that won't leach toxins into the environment. RTP recently built a "Tire Log™ Cabin" to demonstrate its potential as an alternative building material in areas that are prone to earthquakes and hopes to have it tested for this application at the University at Buffalo's Earthquake Simulators, known also as Shake Tables.

In Senator Schumer's initial press release after Hurricane Katrina he stated; "This is a great Western New York Company making a great product out of recycled tires that the entire country will benefit from. Everyone watched their televisions last fall, wondering what they could do to help after Hurricane Katrina. RTP jumped into action and is developing a material that will play a vital role in protecting communities nationwide in the near future. Companies like this are essential to the revitalization of the region, and I will continue to help with the necessary tools as research and development of the Tire Log continues."

With the necessary tools now developed RTP hopes that stimulus funds will help it to open its first manufacturing facility in the fall of 2009.

For more information see: http://www.retreadproducts.com or E-mail: rtp (at) retreadproducts (dot) com


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