Glen Hiemstra, Founder of, Forecasts Economic Turn-Around in 2009

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Glen Hiemstra, founder and owner of, released his Quarterly Forecast for 2nd Quarter 2009, covering March-May 2009. In his forecast, Mr. Hiemstra, who correctly called the looming economic downturn in 2007, now predicts a turn-around sooner than experts believe, but a slow and uneven recovery.

The world economy, mired in recession, will reach a turn-around point sooner than expected. This prediction is made by Glen Hiemstra, Founder of, and long-time international futurist and business consultant. However, anyone waiting to get back to doing what they were doing before the recession will be disappointed.

As Glen Hiemstra said in his first speech in 2009, "This is not our father's recession, but will become our children's renaissance." This prediction is coming true.

Mr. Hiemstra, futurist speaker and consultant, is the author of Turning the Future into Revenue (John Wiley & Sons 2006) which has been praised for contributing important insights on the subject of preferred future planning and on long-term future trends.

Here are some excerpts from Glen Hiemstra's 2009-Q2 Quarterly Report, which is available to the public at

Economic Turn-Around, but Long Recovery
Current consensus views are that the recession will be deep and long-lasting. This view is overly pessimistic. Instead, the downward spiral of economic production will bottom-out between late third quarter 2009 and late fourth quarter 2009. By the end of the fourth quarter global economic growth, and U.S. national economic growth will shift to neutral or positive territory. However, this turn in direction, while a relief, will not signal a mere return to a former way of doing business.

Rather, the recovery will be a long and challenging one because it involves adjustments to disruptive technological and energy developments, and adjustments to a new global value infrastructure. …

A more rapid than expected turn-around is probable because of three related factors: pent up cash accumulating from increased savings and massive withdrawals from the equity markets, a shift to opportunity thinking that can occur when investors see that innovation will be necessary to drive a recovery, and effective government interventions beginning to take hold now.

Disruptive Technology and Energy Developments
Observers believing that financial markets caused the current recession are missing the whole picture… We have entered a new energy era, in which global economic growth is necessary to fix the debt problem, but the same growth will drive up energy prices, which will lead to a new bust, in a probable cycle of rinse and repeat for the near future.

In addition, Internet and wireless technologies have developed and spread globally to the point that their long-forecast disruptive effect on publishing, music, sales activities of all kinds, as well as organization structures, are now coming to a bifurcation point.

On the other side of this recession will emerge different ways of conducting business and pursuing economic development.

New Energy, Transportation, and Developments Needed
In order to recover, on the long time line that I am predicting, three related areas must be the subject of new discovery, new investment, and new models… Each of these is a revolution its own. Together they would lay for the foundation for the renaissance…

For additional information on an alternative view of the future of the economy, as predicted in Glen Hiemstra's Quarterly Forecast, contact Amy Frazier at 1-425-576-1441 or visit

About is a boutique consulting and presentation company owned by Glen Hiemstra, Founder with a twenty-year track record of accurate forecasts and insight into future trends. The website is free to the public.


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