Effective Acne Treatment: Astonishing Benefit of Probiotics and Prebiotics

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Probiotics and prebiotics, the hottest new skincare ingredients, have shown to be an effective treatment for teen and adult acne.

Competitive exclusion principle supports SK1N Probiotic Systems' suggestion of a probiotic regimen for an effective treatment of acne

About 17 million people in the United States have acne, which affects more than 85% of preteens and teenagers, but it is also a serious challenge for many adults who may have had it since they were teenagers. Today acne is such a predominant skin condition it has become more commonly accepted; but often it creates dramatic psychological effects due to permanent scarring and low self-esteem.

Acne occurs when follicles become blocked and has many causes such as: hormone, stress, diet, harsh beauty products, dehydration, genetics and abnormal keratinization. While in the past acne has often been treated with topical or oral antibiotics, topical bactericidals, hormonal treatments and anti-inflammatory medications or photodynamic therapy and laser therapy, probiotics and prebiotics offer a more naturally effective way to combat acne rather than offering a temporary resolve.

"Using Probiotics and prebiotics to treat acne makes logical sense. By supporting the immune system, restoring the skin to its natural balance and building up the protective barrier of the skin, probiotics have an amazing effect on eliminating acneic breakouts," said Dr. Lisa Hynes, one of the country's leading dermatologists and team leader for SK1N Probiotic System's research development. "Prebiotics help to calm the itching, reduce the inflammation while minimizing redness, and help heal the skin and minimize scarring."

While individuals suffering with acne know that diet and exercise are important in maintaining one's skin health, they often seek additional conventional acne treatments--some which can actually make the conditions worse. Skincare products marketed to acne sufferers often use harmful chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, which damage the skin and merely attempt to wipe away bacteria but must be used consistently or the condition returns. Harsh scrubs and alcohol-based cleansers cause clogging of the pores and aggravate acne by increasing oil production.

Many doctors prescribe antibiotics for acne, but these products destroy the good bacteria along with the bad. The elimination of both can cause the bad bacteria to flourish once they have built up a resistance to the antibiotic. As the bacteria build up a resistance, different antibiotics are needed to control the problem. Probiotics can help by restoring the normal bacterial flora on the skin.

"Competitive exclusion principle supports SK1N Probiotic Systems' suggestion of a probiotic regimen for an effective treatment of acne," Dr. Hynes says. "Stripping skin of its natural oils and bacteria is not a solution and can often make conditions worse. Probiotics and prebiotics help not only clear skin conditions; they help prevent them from recurring."

Acne occurs when the skin is out of balance with more bad bacteria than good bacteria. Skin has both bad and good bacteria naturally, and it is important to create an environment to support the good bacteria so that it may overcome the harmful bacteria that has caused the acne. The competitive exclusion theory states that two species competing for the same resources cannot stably coexist if other ecological factors are constant. Probiotics and prebiotics help the beneficial bacteria to thrive and allow it to continue releasing oxygen which helps the skin to breath better, have better blood flow and bring it back to a healthy balance. The good bacteria will overcome and cause extinction to the bad bacteria which release anaerobic free radicals because it thrives on oil, not oxygen.

SK1N Probiotic Systems™ was developed as an uncomplicated, daily skincare regimen for individuals to allow their skin to help itself. SK1N™ offers the astounding benefits of probiotics and prebiotics in products that are results driven. The entire line of simple, easy-to-use line of products focuses on the essentials: daily cleanser, body lotion, day cream, eye cream, hand cream, masque, night cream and booster serum. The Day cream has the added advantage of including SPF 30+, providing protection from UVA and UVB rays.

SK1N Probiotic Systems™ is the country's premier producer of probiotic skincare products. Established in 2007, SK1N launched in January 2008 with a line of eight unique products that sparked a revolution in the skincare industry. SK1N™'s products are appropriate for consumers of any age, race or skin type.

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