A New World Order - a Plan to Reform the United Nations

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Veritas-Pax Publishing unveils a bold plan to transform the United Nations into a world body whose very structure is designed to foster the global co-operation seen in the run-up to the G20 London Summit -- but with one major difference. Under this plan, world leaders will unite for regular face-to-face meetings to chart a better tomorrow before the socio-economic challenges facing mankind erupt into the next crisis.

concrete results in making people's lives safer, healthier, more prosperous and free from fear and injustice.

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Kofi Annan called for it. Now Ban Ki-moon, his successor as Secretary General of the United Nations, has made UN reform his top priority. So far, not much has happened.

'We at Veritas-Pax Publishing believe that after almost 20 years of bickering, it's time to take action. The gathering of world leaders for the G20 London Summit on April 2 provides the perfect opportunity to get the ball rolling on the creation of the New Era of peace envisioned in The 7th Sense.' In the book, which offers insights into creating a kinder, gentler world, Rev. Magnus details a plan to restructure the UN as the United Nations Executive Council.

Under the new three-tiered body, the Security Council that has been at the centre of so much division will be reined in -- and its veto rights removed -- as an important step in fostering the spirit of co-operation needed to create a better world for the common good. Under this plan, the Security Council will report to the United Nations Executive Council, which, as its name suggests, will have the executive powers necessary to deliver, in the words of Mr. Ban, the "concrete results in making people's lives safer, healthier, more prosperous and free from fear and injustice."

'Our model for UN reform places emphasis on the "United" in United Nations through regular face-to-face meetings. The Executive Council membership is divided into three tiers':

  • First tier: Manned by a handful of people, mostly elder statesmen with name and track-record recognition, who will run the ongoing affairs of the council and meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Second Tier: Leaders of the G20 countries, who will meet monthly -- in person at least six times a year.
  • Third Tier: Leaders of the remaining member states of the UN, who will meet in person at least four times a year.

'Under our model, no longer will the United Nations provide a forum for the ideological quarrels and the grandstanding that have sometimes crippled the current world body. If we are to have peace in this world, we need a group whose members are united, one that exists to pursue common goals and ideals for the betterment of all.'

'For more information on the United Nations Executive Council, we invite you to visit our website at http://www.theunitednationsexecutivecouncil.org The public is invited to write to members of the G20 and let them know that the Executive Council is what's needed to take mankind forward into the New Era where peace is the order of the day.'

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