Gryphon Financial Introduces New Option Trading Add-on Services to The Daily Options Trader Investment Newsletter

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New services offer stock tips and explain investment strategies in detail, increasing investors' knowledge and confidence levels for more profitable trades.

Well, Gryphon Financial now offers The Put Writer, which is an excellent opportunity for investors.

To accommodate investors' needs, Gryphon Financial recently introduced three new add-on services that compliment their Daily Options Trader investment newsletter: The Complete LEAP Report, The Put Writer and The Short Call Butterfly.

Many investors do not have the patience and discipline that is needed to obtain big profitable trades. Too often they will let their emotions and lack of confidence get in the way of making the right investments.

"I can't tell you how many times I have tried to explain to my clients and fellow investors the importance of holding onto LEAPS and stocks for long term gains, but they just don't get it," says Jeanne Grecco, Gryphon Financial Editor, Investor and Trader.

With the addition of The Complete Leap Report, The Put Writer and The Short Call Butterfly, subscribers to The Daily Options Trader investment newsletter receive a wealth of stock tips and additional information they can use to confidently make more complex -- and more profitable -- trades.

The Complete Leap Report is an investment newsletter designed around buying LEAP calls and Puts. A LEAP long- term equity expectancy security should be used as an alternative to buying the underlying stock. LEAPs can be used to construct a portfolio of stocks for the fraction of the regular cost and with a greater limited downside. LEAPs allow investors to purchase greater amounts and varieties, which gives them greater opportunities for more profitable gains.

According to Gryphon's infamous option trader Mark Seigal, "A strategy commonly used with LEAPs is to hedge against the downside of the market, known as puts. Partial profit is achieved when the index goes down while a put increases, offsetting any loss to the portfolio. This strategy can also be used with LEAP puts to hedge the entire stock portfolio, adding a level of protection."

Ultimately, a LEAP gives the investor greater diversification, higher leverage and a greater manageability of risk. The investor must be conscientious when a LEAP approaches its expiration. If the profit is unsold a decision must be made to sell it, exercise the option, allow it to go worthless or roll it out to a later expiration. There is a repair tactic that will reduce the break even point without committing to any added assets. Gryphon explains this tactic in their investment newsletter and provides their readers with the option recommendations needed to succeed.

"Have you ever wanted to buy shares of a company, but only at a lower price?" asks managing partner of Gryphon Financial Michael Warren. "Well, Gryphon Financial now offers The Put Writer, which is an excellent opportunity for investors."

Put writing selling is a strategy for both option and stock traders. For the option trader, it can provide consistent profits; for the stock trader, selling puts is a great way to make profits while waiting for the desired stock to arrive at an acceptable purchase price.

When writing a put option, essentially a promise is being made to buy shares at the strike price. The investor receives an insurance premium if the stock price drops lower than the strike price. The put option lowers the cost basis while keeping the premium.

Finally, Gryphon Financial offers The Short Call Butterfly strategy. The Short Call Butterfly features limited risk, large volatility and no concern about direction. The strategy is used to execute limited yielding trades at a net credit, whereby the maximum earnings occur when the stock concludes on either side of the upper or lower strike prices at expiration.

The Short Call Butterfly is as simple as 1-2-3. The goal is to sell one lower strike, buy two middle strikes, and sell one higher strike. Gryphon will complete the recommendation with the sell notice, providing subscribers to their investment newsletter with exclusive information on which to base their investment decisions.

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