President of the World Foundation for Peace and Security Comments on the Need for America to Be Alert and Vigilant Against Terrorists' Major Strike

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Admiral P. Kikareas, well-known expert on crisis management and peace advocate, comments on the need for America to be alert and vigilant to face a very likely to happen major terrorist strike.

This is the only way to deter any major catastrophe and major war.

Admiral P. Kikareas, President of the World Foundation for Peace and Security, a strong advocate for peace and security with a long record of achievements in that field and accurate assessments, announced today that America needs to be alert and vigilant to face a very likely to happen major terrorists' strike.

Kikareas says that the world right now is focused on the tremendous financial crisis and recession taking place internationally. While this is going on, the worldwide war against terrorism is also going on and a new government is on Israel under new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The new Israel FM Lieberman stirred Palestinian anger Wednesday when he said Israel is not bound by a 2007 U.S.-brokered pact on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that making concessions to the Palestinians will only result in more war.

"Some days ago our President Barack Obama officially asked the Iranian regime to come forward for discussions with the U.S. This is the first time that the U.S. not only accepts but asks and calls for talks the Iranian regime to come for discussions and solutions on the diplomatic table," Kikareas says.

Kikareas says that though until some months ago it was unacceptable for the U.S. to discuss on the Presidential level with the Iranian regime, "which has caused and continuously is causing so much terror and chaos by funding and training many other terrorists organizations. We received a negative answer, which humiliates the U.S. and all of the free world. They don't come but they want us to change first and at the same time they continue their nuclear program for creating nuclear weapons and long range and aerospace ballistic capabilities".

Kikareas says that "the terrorists' extremist Islam way of thinking always was, and still is, to wait for the right time to strike major strikes. Now that we are worldwide in a mess with the economic crisis and our strategy is not offensive, but has turned to be rather pathetic, it is the best period for them to strike us, and they have many alternative ways to do it.

"We should send them a very strong message to make them understand that this time if they do that, they are going to pay much more than ever. They need to feel that and be sure by the way that our eyes will look at them.

"This is the only way to deter any major catastrophe and major war."

Kikareas asks our Government and the free world to pay attention. He prays to the Almighty God our Creator to save us from the upcoming catastrophes.

The World Foundation for Peace and Security was created by Admiral P. Kikareas to help serve the world and consult governments, finding best solutions for crisis management problems, and also creating ways to avoid major catastrophes.

"May Lord have mercy on us," says Peter Kikareas, Admiral retired.

The World Foundation for Peace and Security requests your assistance and donation for this major task to be flourished. For more information, please call 1-407-970-9423.

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