Network 4 Leaders Provides Top Tips to Remodel a Business to Approach New Customer and Markets

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The current global crisis is unprecedented in recent history and old rules and paradigms are changing on a daily basis. What happened? All basic rules were violated. What companies really need to focus on to confront the current crisis and succeed in the market place is just a return to basics.

During the Latin American recessions of the '80s and '90s, entrepreneurs and leaders often complained: "Our international debt is so large and our GDP is so low that we will never be able to recuperate from this depression." For these reasons Network 4 Leaders embarked on a multi-million dollar venture to create a business remodeling system and a web-based application to allow businesses and executives to consistently focus on the core competencies of innovation, application of the science of strategy across the organization, strategic plan execution based on the Art of War and a the control of key performance indicators in real-time to reduce or eliminate the causes of such situations in the future.

From the get go, the key advice for all of them was, "you must reinvent your business, and you must reinvent yourselves." The companies and leaders that followed this strategy made a fortune in spite of all the agony and risk they decided to take. It was proven that success is found in redefining your unique selling proposition (U.S.P) while applying a consistent strategy across the board. Focusing on the 20% of the clients that generate 80% of your gross revenues, while being able to achieve a 0-10% profit margin during the first 2 years of any recession is the main goal to achieve if you want to survive and excel after your business remodeling process.

What is a business remodeling process?

Leading companies worldwide reinvented themselves by going through a business remodeling process. Why? Because, as is it currently happening in the USA, all basic rules were violated, consumer habits changed and things were never going to be the same again. Therefore, they were required to return to universal proven basics. Business remodeling was the solution to go back to basics.

What companies and sales individuals really need is to confront the current crisis and succeed in the market place by:

  • Focusing on clear objectives.
  • Integrate strategies at all levels of the organization that are in tune with your clients, employees and constituents.
  • Utilize a proven system like to help you improve how you monitor performance.
  • Supervise and correct any problem before it becomes a threat to the delivery of the plan.

Organizationally, the companies need to refresh their brands, adapt their pricing to the new realities and expand sales by focusing on essentials.

Your Brand

"Understand the three most important physical attributes of your company, brand, products and services. Clearly define your core benefits to the consumer and understand how your customer perceives your company, product, services and brand. State in clear terms the essence of your company and find your U.S.P. Master your competition core strategies and become aware of their weaknesses and strengths. Realize that you are not just selling a product or service, but providing value to your customers. Now you are ready to understand your competitive superiority. Knowing yourself and knowing others makes you powerful. Becoming the preacher of your brand is your must important duty."


"Pricing is the value that your customer will easily pay for your product and service. If the customer perceived value of your product and service is greater than the product's real value, the customer will always pay up to the point that the price equals the customers perceived value. Do not forget:

Value = Perceived Product or Service Benefit/Quality Price

In other words what you get vs. what you pay. Therefore, add value to your product and service, guarantee the consistency of your product functional benefit and link it to an emotional/psychological benefit that the customer feels attached to. Then you can price it as high as you want it to be. If as an organization you do not own a strategy to consistently create superior customer value then stop what you are doing and develop one.


"The perfect sale and the perfect customer is the one that is achieved through no conflict and no division. Therefore, word of mouth is the best form of advertising for your product; second best is PR and free media coverage and last but not least advertising. Repetitive sales will be achieved through satisfied customers, their testimonials, and customer letters. Horizontal and vertical alliances are of the essence and no division with your competitors is desired. You are in high ground when competitors are near in low ground when they are far. Therefore, do not let them stay away for long, keep them close, master their core strategies and make sure you know all their key and successful employees."

Face it, our world has changed as we never imagined. Citigroup traded at $1 a share and this global crisis is unprecedented in recent history. The old rules and paradigms are changing on a daily basis and reinventing your business and yourself is of the essence. Go ahead; reinvent your business to approach new customers and new markets.                                    

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