Who Can Afford To Retire Now? A New Book Reveals How To Thrive In Any Economy

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Recession, the Stock Market, the loss in IRA or 401K savings, when are you going to be able to retire? Is retirement in the traditional sense a thing of the past? Well it should be! Each of us, on an average, lives longer and longer and to expect a company's pension plan or the government through Social Security to provide an income from the traditional retirement age of 65 to the end of our very long lives isn't reasonable. It is just as unreasonable for the average working person to save the millions of dollars it takes to fund the traditional comfortable retirement.

In his book, Achievable Wealth, Jeff Smith reveals a different approach to the subject of wealth and retirement using income replacement. Through small business ventures, smart investing, by getting retirement money out of the stock market and into a Self directed IRA which allows anyone to invest in real estate, businesses and other more lucrative, less volatile investments and creating income from work people are already doing, a person can replace your current income from your career to enjoy a younger retirement or live a life of semi-retirement and never retire in the traditional sense. The idea is to live by design, not by default. Traditional retirement is a necessary part of life for millions, because they must perform a job for the thirty or forty years in most cases they dislike. They must spend the most productive years of their life doing what they hate and deferring their life's passions to a time when they may be too old to enjoy them.

Achievable Wealth's Income Replacement gives you time to travel and enjoy your life, your family and the work you do now, as well as providing passive income streams to insure a secure future. This idea is designed for the working men and women of America that want the freedom that wealth brings, without a lifetime of penny-pinching or self-imposed slavery.

Many Americans look at times like these as a time to survive, but it can be a time to thrive. For the first time in recent memory the purchase price of a single family home in the state of California is low enough to rent it out and have a positive cash flow. There are still opportunities to create wealth and secure a comfortable retirement, the problem is that many Americans will only see them when this recession is over and these current opportunities are no longer there!


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