Do It Yourself Hair 101 DVD Helps Women Round Brush Through the Recession

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A successful hairstyle DVD is helping women save money and time.

Women don't want to learn a technique by watching the professional style someone else's hair, they want to learn how to implement the techniques on their own hair.

Every morning, Kathleen Franklin brushes her hair, drops her daughter off at day care, and then commutes an hour to her midlevel corporate job. This morning a new efficiency allowed her to set her alarm 20 minutes later. Instead of fumbling with her problematic hair, she implemented the techniques she learned from the Do It Yourself Hair: Round Brush 101 DVD and saved 20 minutes of her morning routine.

Salon Owner and Founder of the Do It Yourself Hair 101 DVD series, Carrie Paul, compiled her 13 years of salon industry experience and the shortcuts only taught in schools into an educational DVD series. This DVD helps girls and women of all hair types go from bed head to salon styled hair with confidence and success right in the convenience of their own home.

The well-thought features and money saving opportunities are just a few of the reasons the Do It Yourself Hair 101 series is being featured on the television show Living In Style as one of the newest and hottest problem solving products for women. The series' fame also granted it a premier placement in Yoga Magazine's What's Hot for February 2009.

Paul has had thousands of comments from clients wanting the salon styled look after they leave. The requests inspired her to produce the Do It Yourself Hair 101 DVD series of step-by-step directions on how to style hair with a round brush. This DVD is specially designed to help women add tremendous body and movement along with smoothness and radiant shine to hair.

Unlike other hair videos, Paul self-demonstrates the round brushing technique, showing the viewer a rarely seen perspective from professional videos. "Women don't want to learn a technique by watching the professional style someone else's hair, they want to learn how to implement the techniques on their own hair."

Paul also demonstrates the techniques on herself with medium length hair so viewers can more easily reproduce maneuvers and hand positions no matter the length of their own hair. Paul designed this video to be unique, easily understandable, separated by chapter, nonbiased reviews and shopping insert that provides detailed information on the products she uses and why she uses them. She also includes detailed information on the types of hair products women should use and how they should be applied to the hair.

Going against the grain of what one would typically hear from a business owner, Paul says "Although it is important to see an experienced hair stylist on a regular basis; it is not necessary or practical to go to the salon every day to have someone else make your hair beautiful."

The key is to use a tool such as the Do It Yourself Hair: Round Brush 101 DVD to make the styling process less time consuming at home. So many women keep their hair flat or toss it back because they don't feel they have any other option. This DVD gives women confidence. It teaches women how to get the same salon styled look as if they were to walk out of their favorite salon.

Paul believes there are many misconceptions focusing on the difficulty of round brushing. Round brushes were invented for use with blow dryers to add waves and curls to straight hair. When done properly, the round brushing technique can add tremendous body and texture to the hair along with radiant shine. Round brushing also covers a much larger range of style than for what is known. All of which Paul covers in the Do It Yourself
Hair: Round Brush 101 DVD.

Salons across the country have been offering training classes to help women master this round brushing process. These classes can be time-consuming and costly. Using Carrie's DVD, women save money while achieving a salon style from home in less time than it would typically take to style their hair with confidence and success! "Even though these classes might provide a lot of good information, are women really going to be able to remember how to implement the steps once they get home and a few days have passed," Paul questions. "This DVD provides women with a more practical and affordable approach to getting a salon style from home. Women can pop this DVD anytime and never forget."

This DVD is recorded in English and Spanish and includes shortcuts, tips and a quick reference booklet of Carrie's recommended products.

A portion of video proceeds are donated to a few select adoption charities. These give assistance to those couples who wish to have children but find it difficult to afford the initial out-of-pocket costs for the expensive undertakings.


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