RealWomen on Health! Internet Radio Show Helps Women Feel Sexy at Any Age (Yes, in Mid-Life)

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Kelley Connors, Host of RealWomen on Health! on-line health salon and talk show, creates a dynamic conversation on "Top Tips to Feel Sexy at Any Age" with three of America's top women's health advocacy organizations. The show will feature the latest in women's health research around pelvic wellness, sexuality and intimacy in mid-life. Challenges and solutions associated with pelvic health, bladder control, hormone replacement and more will be discussed. Ladies, bring your friends and become your own best health and wellness advocates.

Three of the nation's top women's health advocacy organizations will discuss women's pelvic wellness as well as female sexuality and intimacy on Saturday morning, April 11th at 9:30 am EST. The three organizations, Women's Health Foundation, Red Hot Mamas, and the National Association for Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health, will be featured on the blogtalkradio show called RealWomen on Health!. The upcoming 30-minute on-line radio show, themed "Top Tips to Feel Sexy at Any Age" will be a talk show open to all women, especially those who enjoy speaking with women's health experts and participating through on-line chatting.

"Women cope with many conditions in mid-life as the body begins to naturally change. We'd like all women to be encouraged and supported with new information and perspectives to help them live life to the fullest. While change is normal and expected, there is much new research that supports women in being fit, sexy and in control of their bodies in a healthy way. All three of our organizations are celebrating the feminine...a time of change, celebration and empowerment through knowledge," says Missy Lavender, Executive Director, the Women's Health Foundation.

"Now with so many women taking on additional job responsibilities related to the changing economy, we want to support women in taking care of themselves. We hope the radio show will help women embrace their femininity despite the stressors," says Kelley Connors, MPH, President of KC Healthcare Communications and RealWomen on Health radio show host.

About RealWomen on Health!
The on-line radio show features informative, conversational and expert commentary between RealWomen on Health! radio host and health and wellness coach, Kelley Connors, MPH, and women from the healthcare, health and lifestyle professions. The upcoming social media radio show will provide women with the real facts around mid-life pelvic wellness and sexuality, so women can live life to the fullest and enjoy being their own health and wellness advocates. According to research, over 34% of women use social media to obtain health information and take a proactive role in their own health and wellness. Together with leading experts and advocates in women's health, RealWomen on Health! blogtalkradio supports women around such areas such as sexual health, pelvic health, the change before the change, menopause transitions, caregiving, working women and stress, women's heart disease, weight management, evidence-based complementary medicine, mid-life transition and navigating the healthcare system. To listen to the radio show, please register for the radio show first. Once you've registered, you will receive an email instructing you with the next steps.

About KC Healthcare Communications
KC Healthcare Communications ( is a public relations and marketing consultancy specializing in brand communications for the biotech, hospital, and pharmaceutical markets. Their expertise in public relations, market research, branding, positioning and social media helps companies connect directly with their influential audiences. The firm's women wellness marketing service, WomensWellthsm, is the only creative and strategic consultancy that provides a lens through which women make healthcare decisions.

About Women's Health Foundation Women's Health Foundation (WHF) is a nonprofit organization which provides life strategies, community-based programs and services, and events to encourage women to proactively manage their pelvic health and wellness. WHF is dedicated to creating a Sisterhood of Strength and is quickly becoming the nation's most visible and passionate champion of women's pelvic wellness issues. Women's Health Foundation sponsors programs in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, South Carolina and throughout the Chicagoland area. WHF was formed by Founder & CEO Missy Lavender in 2004 and is headquartered in Chicago. To learn more, visit

About the National Association for Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health The National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health was founded in 1980. NPWH's mission is to assure the provision of quality health care to women of all ages by nurse practitioners. NPWH defines quality health care to be inclusive of an individual's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. NPWH recognizes and respects women as decision-makers for their health care. NPWH's mission includes protecting and promoting a woman's right to make her own choices regarding her health within the context of her personal, religious, cultural, and family beliefs.NPWH represents nurse practitioners that provide care to women in the primary care setting as well as in women's health specialty practices. Susan Wysocki is the President and CEO of the organization. For more information, visit

Red Hot Mamas Educational Program Red Hot Mamas is the nation's largest menopause management education program. Its mission is to broaden the base of women's knowledge about menopause and empower them to become educated healthcare consumers and active participants in the management of their menopause.

The monthly program series is licensed to hospitals and large physician practices across the country. Each licensed facility receives a complete turnkey program manual, consulting services and all of the necessary tools to implement a successful Red Hot Mamas® Program. The community-based programs are offered free to women and their families, and provide valuable menopause-related healthcare information and psychosocial support to optimize their health as they approach menopause and beyond. The concept of Red Hot Mamas® was originated in 1991 by Karen L. Giblin, in Ridgefield, CT. Interest rapidly spread, as can be attested to the growing numbers of licensed programs across the country. For more information, visit

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