Availability -- A Mail Order Purchase: Another Kusnetzky Group Paper

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Availability and reliability of workloads hosted in a virtual environment is a bit like the old concept of a mail order bride. Availability and reliability must be part of the design of virtualized environments rather than something invited later.

Kusnetzky Group, Inc. today posted Availability -- A Mail Order Purchase, another position paper intended to review the forces changing the market for information technology in general and virtualization technology in specific. These position papers are written by the well known software analyst, Daniel Kusnetzky, who is now the Principal Analyst and President, Kusnetzky Group Inc. and author of ZDnet's Virtually Speaking. This paper can be found on the Kusnetzky Group, Inc. website.


Paper Overview

How much "availability" is enough is a question very much like asking "how long is a piece of string?" Once a specific piece of string is selected, it can be measured and its length determined. Otherwise, there really isn't a way to answer to the question.

An organization's workload must be evaluated on a function by function basis to determine how long an outage can be experienced for that function before the company suffers ill effects. Some workloads are important but not business critical. Some functions are business critical but not mission critical. Most organizations have a mix of availability requirements. Failure of mission critical systems often leads to the failure of the organization.

It is really important to understand that some functions, such as Email or a collaborative application that have been ancillary in the past, have become business critical as organizations have moved into the 24x7x365 world of the Internet.

Mission critical functions are likely to need to be hosted on fault tolerant hardware.

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