Ntirety Leverages Prediction Software for Customer Databases

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Ntirety Inc., pioneers of Database Administration As a Service, is teaming with BEZ Systems, developer of the predictive performance software, BEZVision™, to forecast future database performance to both avoid problems and make better-informed business decisions.

Ntirety Inc., the pioneer in Database Administration As a Service™, today announced a giant leap forward in proactive database monitoring for its customers. Ntirety is teaming with BEZ Systems, developer of the predictive performance software, BEZVision™, to forecast future database performance to both avoid problems and make better-informed business decisions.

Adding BEZVision to its tool box, Ntirety cements its reputation for proactively monitoring customer databases and preventing problems. Ntirety offers customers immediate cost savings by providing 24x7 remote database monitoring and maintenance through its unparalleled Database Administration As a Service™.

"Ntirety is the most proactive database administration services company in the world. Unlike others, we don't play hero by solving a crisis we should have seen coming. We're always monitoring our customers' databases, and now with BEZVision, we can predict the future of database and application performance and prevent issues long before they arise," said Michael Corey, CEO and founder of Ntirety Inc. "BEZVision allows Ntirety to save customers even more money on database administration, and by keeping their databases up and running, we are keeping their businesses up and running."

By combining performance prediction capabilities with its expert database administration, Ntirety saves customers time and money. With BEZVision, Ntirety now provides customers with information that can help postpone spending, reduce hardware costs, decrease personnel costs, increase productivity, reduce crises, and cut test time by up to 80%.

For example, the predictions can allow companies to postpone upgrades if the BEZVision software shows the service will meet future application and workload requirements. Or if it shows upgrades are needed, it also gives customers the information to order the correct type, size and associated cost to solve the problem and to avoid buying more than is needed.

"As corporate budgets and internal resources become scarce, companies are struggling to ensure their data, which fuels their business, is available and timely. Ntirety can now provide both monitoring and predictive services. These services position them uniquely to deliver significant value to their database customers", said Dan Haley, CEO, BEZ Systems.

The new Performance as a Service (PaaS™) option from Ntirety includes installation of BEZVision, an advanced analytical software application, at a customer's site for use by Ntirety's database experts to generate critical information for use by the customer. Performance as a Service is offered to Ntirety's customers in two separately priced levels.

Level 1 delivers detailed performance metrics on database performance through web-based dashboards and reports. This includes past, present and future service levels, such as response time, resource consumption and throughput. The information highlights anomalies and predicts future service breaches months in advance.

Level 2 PaaS provides all the features of Level 1, plus a "what-if" capability to understand how change will affect future service delivery. Before launching a new initiative, customers can forecast the impact on the databases. This includes projects such as growth in users and data, surge management, hardware change (server or storage), server/application consolidation, new application introduction, resource limits/priority execution changes, storage requirements planning, load testing extension, database configuration adjustments and database schema modifications.

While initially offered to Oracle databases, Ntirety expects to offer the service for Microsoft SQL Server later this year.


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