Murder in Monastery Makes for a Magical Myrridian Mystery

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When the Archbishop of Myrridia is murdered, Duke Chris McCabe and Duchess Helen Lattimore investigate his death. Little do they suspect they will find themselves caught up in international intrigue, including attempts against their own lives.

When Myrridia's archbishop, Francis McHenry, is murdered, a Dark Magical Practitioner becomes involved in the investigation, an investigation that leads to his abducting and raping a woman during a ritual. Return to the political intrigue of Debra Killeen's Myrridia in "Legacy of the Archbishop: Volume 3 of The Myrridian Cycle" (ISBN 9780982060513, Helm Publishing, 2009).

Archbishop Edward Fitzroy wants his predecessor's murderer found. King Robert of Myrridia sends his trusted friends, Duke Chris McCabe and Chris's wife, Helen Lattimore, to investigate the murder. Meanwhile, a Dark Magical Practitioner, Aldric Smithson, also finds himself interested in the murder. During his own investigation, Aldric discovers Nicole, another Magical Practitioner, whom he abducts, rapes, and begets twins upon.

Chris McCabe makes progress in investigating the archbishop's murder. He soon learns one of the monastery's novices poisoned the Primate of Myrridia. But before Chris can reveal his findings, he is attacked on his way home; he manages to defeat and slay all his attackers, save one--the man who poisoned the archbishop.

Meanwhile, Aldric has additional evil plans. Wishing to stop Chris's investigation, he captures Chris and invades his mind. Aldric discovers Chris's secret--that Chris has been impersonating the Duke of Saelym, who was actually slain a couple years prior. Chris is left insane from the encounter while Aldric prepares to do further battle. A duel between Light and Dark magic approaches; this time, it looks certain that evil will triumph in Myrridia.

"Legacy of the Archbishop" is the fascinating third volume in Debra Killeen's "Myrridian Cycle." Killeen thrills readers again with all the adventure and intrigue they have come to expect from her writing. Old friends return and new villains are introduced. Lies, betrayal, deceit, murder, violence, love, and romance fill the pages. A visit to Myrridia is never dull, and Killeen's ability to create a fictional world that completely makes the reader forget the real one is matched by few fantasy writers. Readers will finish the book impatient for the fourth volume in "The Myrridian Cycle."

About the Author
Debra Killeen graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1985 and spent fifteen years working as a pharmacist in numerous settings--hospital, retail, and home infusion. She never found the right fit. Then, having reached her limit with managed "care," she transitioned careers into clinical research and writing novels. Debra lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her sister Diane and four exceptional cats--Scott, Finn, Isis and Osiris. "Legacy of the Archbishop" is the third of five volumes in "The Myrridian Cycle" following "An Unlikely Duke" and "A Prince in Need."

"Legacy of the Archbishop: Volume 3 of The Myrridian Cycle" (ISBN 9780982060513, Helm Publishing, 2009) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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