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With so many people suffering from various diseases, there aren't enough accurate medical resources out there for people to get a good grasp on how they can better care for themselves. is a new website that does offer preventative tips for better health.

The blog is a general site, but will related back to the health management focus of Northstar Health Solutions

According to the American Diabetes Association, there are 23.6 million Americans who suffer from the debilitating disease, increasing 14.5 percent from 2005 to 2007. Diabetes is only one major health issue that people in the United States, and all over the world, for that matter, are suffering from. Obesity, various cancers and other health problems plague millions of people everyday. Instead of simply rolling over and accepting the health dangers that affect a segment of the population, Sarah Rowlett has done something.

"As a child I read medical journals for fun," recalled Rowlett. "As I've gotten older, people have come to me when they were sick and I've used that knowledge to help them out.

"Not too long ago, I was talking to a friend that she suggested that I start a health site. Why not help other people?" she asked.

In March 2009, Rowlett started, a website that is a comprehensive resource for the common health problems that people around the globe are afflicted by.

The site has guides on ways to stop smoking, tips on lowering cholesterol and even links to additional web stores where people can find low cost dietary and diabetic supplements.

Though the site is relatively fresh, Rowlett has several sections with a myriad of imperative health information and she's continuing to update the site as new concerns come up on her radar.

"The major thing is teaching prevention," she said. "You can reverse some of these problems."

Another facet of the website is the corresponding blog ( that Rowlett also runs. The blog is a faster conduit of information and will have more immediate posts and information.

"The blog is a general site, but will related back to the health management focus of Northstar Health Solutions," Rowlett explained. "The website is designed to help people, but through the blog, I can directly answer questions."

People may continue to have health issues, but thanks to Sarah Rowlett, they have a way to prevent themselves from worsening conditions. According to Rowlett, preventative medicine is important and that knowledge that she's acquired over the years is no more than a few keystrokes away.

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North Star Health Solutions is owned and operated by Sarah Rowlett.

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