Has the War on Drugs Failed and Is It Time for the Feds to Back Off on OxyContin and Marijuana?

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Judge James P. Gray (http://www.judgejimgray.com/) will be joining "The Prescription Addiction Radio Show - Breaking the Silence" this Sunday, April 19 to discuss "The Failed War on Drugs" and to discuss the alternatives to prosecution and incarceration for the growing silent drug epidemic in our country. Larry Golbom, host of the radio show, will be joined by Steve Hayes, Director of Novus Medical Detox Center (http://www.novusdetox.com) to share their concerns with Judge Gray. Listen on Tampa Bay radio station WGUL 860 am or live on the Internet (http://www.860wgul.com) on Sunday night at 9:05 pm Eastern.

The Prescription Addiction Radio Show

"The Prescription Addiction Radio Show - Breaking the Silence" has long focused on the growing misuse of prescription drugs and accused the drug companies, medical professionals, elected officials, public officials and regulatory boards of remaining silent on the growing epidemic of prescription drugs that has infected every community and street in our country. According to the State of Florida Medical Examiners Commission, the reported reality has become that about 70% of the drug related deaths in the State presently include a prescription drug. (http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/Content/getdoc/c75b8a3c-95ea-41d1-96c5-3b00c9c6eeb4/2008InterimReport.aspx)

The phrase "War on Drugs" was first used by President Nixon in 1969 and has come to symbolize the continuing challenge of stopping the influx of illegal drugs both being produced in our country and imported into our country. Judge Gray has been an outspoken critic of the method in which the War on Drugs has been waged. As a Judge, he has seen the damage and destruction drugs have done to individuals and families. As an author, he has both documented the damage and offered solutions.

Radio host Larry G and Novus Director Steve Hayes are not proponents for the legalization and decriminalization of drugs to solve the growing problem of drug misuse. According to Larry G, a registered pharmacist for over 30 years, the growing epidemic of legal narcotic prescription drugs is a clear indication that our country's perspective on drugs continues to fall short. He also believes that the possible addiction to marijuana and negative outcomes from marijuana continue to be downplayed by the proponents of "medical legalization". The radio show questions the logic of groups such as NORML, Drug Policy Alliance and Marijuana Policy Project.

Judge James P. Gray, Larry Golbom and Steve Hayes understand that dialog and discussion will bring about the realization that opponents and proponents for revising the drug policies in this country are closer together than most realize and, thus, closer to solutions. If you are interested in understanding not only the extent of the problem but what we each can do about the problem, then this is a show that you and your friends won't want to miss.

Listen on Tampa Bay radio station WGUL 860 am or live on the internet (http://www.860wgul.com) on Sunday night, April 19, at 9:05 pm Eastern.

About The Prescription Addiction Radio Show ++ Breaking the Silence:
Hosted by Larry Golbom, a registered pharmacist for over 30 years, "The Prescription Addiction Radio Show", sponsored by Novus Medical Detox Center (http://www.novusdetox.com), takes a cultural look at our prescription drug use in America and is dedicated to the thousands of families who are being, or have been affected by the misuse of prescription drugs.

The Prescription Addiction Radio Show is dedicated to exploring some of the challenges we face in trying to turn around the explosion in the misuse of prescription drugs.

The Prescription Addiction Radio Show believes that addiction is a predisposed disease, whether created by poor personal choices or created from following the advice of your doctor. No individual wishes it upon themselves.


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