Successful Dating For Wimps

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The internet's hottest new dating guide levels the playing field. The launch of Mac Daddy Dating cracks the code for turning any man, even those without celebrity looks and money into a chick magnet.

Women, men have killed over them, gone crazy over them and lost money over them. Many men continue to do these stupid things when they fail to land the women of their dreams. They fail because they have overlooked one simple fact; attraction is not a conscious decision, it is an instinctive decision that women make.

This is why "nice guys finish last." By playing Mr. Nice Guy, many men feel that is what women really want. The reality is that being "nice" may appeal to women's intellect but it isn't their intellect that is in control when they decide who to date.

Avoiding the "Mr. Nice Guy Trap" is one of the main features of Mac Daddy Dating. Normally this trap is very hard to avoid because there is the misconception that somehow men should instinctively know how to attract women. Inevitable what many men do is to try to buy women's affection with gifts and dinners, but such behavior are huge attraction killers.

Mac Daddy Dating was created to give socially inept men the proven strategies to successfully build attraction in women, get dates with them and eventually take things to the highest level - intimacy. The strategies revolve around men being manly, funny and interesting without losing their sensitivity. Women just go crazy over this combination.

Even if you are a man who is looking for marriage; Mac Daddy Dating caters for this too, by revealing how you can maintain excitement and passion throughout a relationship and avoid deadly relationship killers.

Most importantly, none of the nonsense about trying to date as many women as possible in order to increase the chances of getting intimate is included in the guide. Such actions mostly leads to "relationship by default," whereby a man gets stuck with an undesirable woman because he feels he can't do any better.

Mac Daddy Dating gives men the power to attract and date women who appeals to them on social, intellectual and physical levels.

Another good thing about Mac Daddy Dating is that it contains everything a man needs to "up his game". No need to attend expensive seminars or buy expensive courses to get the real meat. Everything included in the guide can be painlessly and immediately implemented.

About Mac Daddy Dating

Mac Daddy Dating is a new dating guide for the 21st century man that teaches them the secrets to becoming irresistible to hot women. More than just dating strategies, Mac Daddy Dating also offers a character makeover to help wimpy guys become more manly, without losing their sensitivity. For more information, visit


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