Small Business Owner Has Financial Resurrection After Two Million Dollar Failure Because of Five Marketing Secrets

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Dr. Glenn Livingston and his wife Sharon were small business owners often called upon by several Fortune 500 companies to crawl inside the minds of their customers and find out what made them buy. Then, one bad decision led to losing almost 2 million dollars they didn't have the day after 911. In November 2008, they paid their debts and launched a firm offering online marketing solutions built on the search engine marketing secrets that allowed them to experience a financial resurrection.

Even in recession, there are small business owners who are managing to land on their feet because they know what they do best. Glenn and Sharon Livingston are examples of that. They were called upon by companies like AT&T, Nextel, American Express, Citibank, Ford, Kraft and many other Fortune 500 companies because of their market research expertise. Then, they made one bad decision that came crashing down with the twin towers the day after nine-eleven.

They lost almost two million dollars, and went into debt for another $700,000. Initially, one of Glenn's comments was, "Nothing else can possibly go wrong." He was having the worst nightmare of his career. Having to meet a payroll for a staff of almost 20, there was a lot on the line.

Other business owners can find hope by observing how this couple recognized what their core competencies were and put them to work. For Glenn, it was his search engine marketing expertise, and Sharon continued with focus groups. Their comeback proves that financial resurrections for small business owners are indeed possible.

According to the Livingstons, "there are five major keys to moving your small business into a position of financial strength. Because consumers use search engines more than ever before to research their buying decisions, a properly developed search engine marketing strategy is key to your success today even if all of your business is conducted offline".

Five keys to developing a profitable small business:

1 - Market Research - after their failure, Livingston honed his ability to find the "buying heat" behind the keyword searches of people coming to his websites. His unique market research process allowed him to identify what the market demand was so that he could distinguish himself from his competitors who were not as savvy, and give his prospects what they were truly willing to pay for.

2 - Develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) - that allows you to marry your unique set of passions, skills, and personality traits to the demand in the marketplace. Livingston says, "One of our keys to becoming successful again was going back to our core competencies and building on those. Your USP will elevate your search engine marketing strategy above your competitors when you have identified (through the research process) what things your market values enough to pay for. Identify what that value is, communicate it consistently, and ABOVE ALL…deliver what you promise".

3 - Build Your Business on Direct Response Marketing - with the abundance of competition in today's global marketplace, it has become increasingly important to communicate the right message to those who are in the market for what you have to offer, and to measure the effectiveness of your marketing. Ineffective marketing and advertising will cause most small business owners to bleed to death financially. You must test and track everything you do in order to improve your conversion rates.

4 - Build an Optimized Website - this is a website that combines the above three steps. When you understand how your potential clients think and talk to themselves, your website needs to communicate to them in the same way. In addition, you need a site that's designed to build a database by having some type of opt-in mechanism. That will allow you to build relationship with them over time. The relationship is one where you provide value that builds trust. When people trust you, they will buy from you.

5 - Systematically Drive Target Traffic to Your Optimized Website that converts to leads and sales. Only after you have properly executed steps one through four, are you now ready to invest in a search engine marketing campaign that will send highly motivated prospects to your website. The name of the game is about converting website visitors to opt-ins and buyers. It's not about just getting more traffic.

If you follow these five steps, you'll be moving your small business the right direction.
You can listen to the full story of Glenn and Sharon's $2 Million Dollar Failure and resurrection by going to: At the end of that interview you will find out how to get a cheat sheet that will show you how to cut your Google Adwords bids by up to 95%.


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