FusionDebug™ 3.0 Beta Released: The First Eclipse Plug-in for ColdFusion Debugging Now Includes Support for Railo CFML Engine

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FusionDebug 3.0 Beta is the latest release of the ColdFusion Interactive Step Debugger and is an essential tool for anyone who is serious about developing in ColdFusion. FusionDebug 3.0 supports Adobe ColdFusion 6.1, 7 and 8 and the Railo 3.1 Open Source CFML Engine, which was recently released by Railo Technologies.

FusionDebug lets you see what is happening in your application as each line of code is being executed. It can be used to set breakpoints, step over, into, or out of code, inspect variables (across different scopes), and watch expressions. You can even modify the values of variables as your code is executing, enabling you to force specific execution paths.

"I feel that Railo opens up possibilities for CFML and that makes the ColdFusion world a bigger, stronger and greater space for us all to be in" said Darren Pywell, Intergral's Chief Technical Officer. "We are happy to support the addition of Railo in the CF community by updating our CFML debugger, FusionDebug, to support Railo. For those on Adobe ColdFusion 6.1, 7 or 8, we have also added other impressive new features to FusionDebug which improve the whole experience with developing with CF."

New features included in FusionDebug 3.0 Beta

  • Full support for Railo 3.1 Open Source

FusionDebug is a certified debugger for Railo, a free, open-source alternative engine for ColdFusion application development. You can read more about Railo online at http://www.getrailo.org

  • RTL (Run to Line) functionality

Maximize your debugging with RTL functions during sessions. Hot key persists as Eclipse users are used too; Ctrl+R. Allow breakpoints to be skipped (or not) with the honored preference within the Window, Preferences, Run/Debug tab.

  • Associate custom file extensions with FusionDebug

Associate your custom extensions with FusionDebug through our new preferences page. If your ".myExtension" is recognized by your CFML server, then simply add it to your list of accepted extensions and FusionDebug will treat them accordingly.

  • Set breaks on runtime custom exceptions

Users can now specify whether or not to halt execution upon a CFML runtime custom exception being thrown. FusionDebug will then give users feedback by highlighting the line where the exception was generated and displaying the exception in the Debug view. (This feature is currently only available with the FusionDebug 3.0 Beta for Adobe ColdFusion.)

"We are excited to extend FusionDebug to support Railo and we will continue to maintain alignment of our Fusion products with the direction CFML takes in the future", said David Tattersall, Intergral's Managing Director.

Read about FusionDebug 3.0 Beta and download an evaluation copy at http://www.fusion-reactor.com/labs/

Since the 90's, Intergral has been providing innovative products, enterprise scale software solutions and IT Services to thousands of customers across the globe. Our product range covers essential ColdFusion development and support extensions (such as FusionReactor and FusionDebug) as well as Enterprise scale web solutions in the information management space (http://www.ShareDox.com). Our products reflect our technical expertise, high focus on usability, commitment to quality and complete attention to detail.


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