Allvoices Lets Anyone with a Mobile Phone Report News to the Rest of the World

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80 Percent of the Globe covered via Allvoices MMS and SMS; Citizen Journalists Break News Using Mobile Devices.

Mobile device technology has reached a point in its evolution where text reports and media are of comparable quality to data delivered via a PC or media shot with dedicated cameras, the first open media site where anyone can report from anywhere, has made it even easier for citizen journalists to break news globally with a simple text message. Now anyone can capture news with their mobile device and share their story with the rest of the world by posting it to Allvoices via SMS. For reporting events in the U.S., use short code "VOICES" (864237). Outside of the U.S., go to, select the country, enter a mobile carrier and phone number and use the SMS number sent to report news as it breaks.

After Allvoices receives a news message, the system sends back a report code, so more content can be contributed to the same report using the code, and the URL of the report page is automatically published on the allvoices site. Share the report code with friends or other witnesses using the same SMS number or mms(at) to add information, as long as the first word of the contribution consists of @report code for the specific news event. Allvoices understands messages as short as 160 characters (the size of a standard text message) and begins building a report page around the submission. Once a submission is received via text, Allvoices begins an exhaustive search of both the mainstream media and user-generated content to create the same content-rich report pages--including pictures and video--as it does for news contributed via a PC.

"Mobile device technology has reached a point in its evolution where text reports and media are of comparable quality to data delivered via a PC or media shot with dedicated cameras," said Amra Tareen, CEO, Allvoices. "More than three billion people around the globe carry a mobile device capable of capturing a live event and posting it to the web in real time. That alone has driven the citizen journalism phenomenon to the interest highs we're witnessing today. It's become increasingly clear people want breaking news delivered immediately, and with little editorial bias or interference. We specifically designed Allvoices' mobile content collection capabilities to take advantage of this powerful network of citizen journalists and make it easier than ever for their contributed stories to be seen by a global audience."

Posting news to Allvoices via a cell phone is easy:
1)    Inside the U.S., send an SMS to 864237 or "VOICES". As soon as Allvoices receives the message, the system will send back a report code to contribute more content to the same news
2)    Add images and video using mms (at) allvoices (dot) com
3)    Add more voices and contribute more content using the event code
4)    For international reporting, use the SMS number sent by registering at or use the following numbers:
+45 609 910280
+61 427 229537
+44 780 0000352

Allvoices is the first citizen journalism site to use advanced algorithms to vet contributor reports for accuracy, as well as measure the reputation of the contributors themselves. When a story is uploaded to Allvoices--online or mobile--it sets off a complex process of searches and checks for corroborating stories from both the mainstream media as well as other user-generated content. This serves two purposes: 1) to combat fraud in citizen journalism; and 2) provide a rich accounting of the event with additional sources to surround the contributor's report. Stories on the site will have multiple pages of additional content created from mainstream media sources, blog posts, pictures and even video if available.

The allvoices community provides eyewitness news reports and perspective free from traditional editorial oversight and censorship characteristic of global media organizations. Allvoices' Web site aggregates, contextualizes and categorizes a broad base of stories and individual perspectives through unedited points of view, and many of the news items are breaking exclusives. Allvoices also aggregates traditional sources to deliver a unique set of contributor and mainstream perspectives which presents a holistic view of world events. Story rank on the home page is determined by the number and diversity of other sources citing the particular news event, and community-activity on the report. Anyone can contribute stories, and citizen journalists are further incentivized through Allvoices' Excellence in Citizen Media incentive program.    

About allvoices, Inc.:
allvoices' mission is to create a global community for sharing news, videos, images and opinions from multiple points of view that invoke an emotional connection between individual perspectives from around the world. A community of diverse, engaged and globally minded citizens serves as news reporters, opinion leaders and publishers to share with the world the realities on-the-ground. brings together context, insight and diversity of opinions around a broad range of topics and issues on the global, national and local levels. allvoices is one of the largest global communities offering unedited and relevant news and perspectives in one place. Using a set of proprietary algorithms, allvoices utilizes professional and online news sources, blogs, images and videos to determine relevancy, foster credibility and maintain openness with each contribution made to the site.


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