Sellmark Corp. Continues Expanding Into New Product Categories with the Amacker Acquisition

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Sellmark Strives to Offer the Greatest Outdoor Product Offering and with the Recent Addition of Amacker They are Nearly There

Sellmark's people are the right folks for Amacker. They know how to move outdoor products and will get Amacker back on top.

Sellmark took time researching the treestand market to find an established treestand company to acquire. Amacker was selected due to its historic leadership and patent portfolio. Joe Amacker started the treestand revolution in the late 1970's when he saw that the only treestand on the market was a poorly designed, unsafe, hard to use, one piece design. Joe Amacker saw the need for a better treestand. He designed the first two piece climber, called the Deer Thief I, and it went into production almost immediately. Since the 1970's Amacker has held more than 23 patents and most treestands found today are modeled after his original design, the Deer Thief I. Amacker continued its growth up until the 1990's when low cost and low quality treestands flooded the market. Since then Amacker has been a sleeping giant that has the potential to regain its leadership position.

Sellmark is on the path of becoming one of the biggest manufacturers of outdoor products in the United States. The vision has always been to offer the best retail solutions for products that were underserved or overlooked in the targeted category. Sellmark is flourishing even with the down economy. High-end product sales have suffered recently and people are looking to purchase the best value on the market. People are becoming more frugal and are spending less on lavish items. This is where Sellmark's brands succeed. Many of Sellmark's brands are very new to the market and most are less than ten years old. With more than seven brands Sellmark has been successful at filling niches in categories that other companies have not. Sellmark currently offers products in the following categories; binoculars, boresights, flashlights, game feeders, gun rests, hunting chairs, laser sights, night vision, rangefinders, red dot scopes, reflex sights, riflescopes, shooting benches, snow shoes, spotting scopes, walking sticks, and now treestands. Joe Amacker, founder of Amacker, said, "Sellmark's people are the right folks for Amacker. They know how to move outdoor products and will get Amacker back on top."     

Amacker continues to push the envelope and, with the help of Sellmark, is bringing new, ingenious designs to market. With the recent Amacker acquisition Sellmark has reintroduced the redesigned Aluminum Adjuster which was on display, in Orlando, at SHOT Show. It makes using a treestand safe and comfortable for its user. Traditional treestands will start out unleveled and as the tree girth lessens the stand will eventually level out. This makes climbing with a traditional stand very awkward and not as safe as the Aluminum Adjuster. The Aluminum Adjuster overcomes these problems because as you climb it adjusts making it level all of the time. Another added bonus is that the Aluminum Adjuster is light and is easily packed into the field. Because it is lighter than your traditional climbing stand Amacker was able to make it more comfortable and enlarged the platform. This patented product offers a unique solution to the treestand market and is part of the new wave of treestands.

Other Amacker products include the Deer Thief Climber that is a modified version of the original from the 1970's. It uses 100 percent steel construction and has a serrated blade for added bite while climbing. It also has removable spikes located on the throat for additional grip. It will also handle very big individuals with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. Another very unique product is the Climb and Carry Cart which is a treestand that converts into a game cart to help haul out your game from afield. This treestand is also modeled after the Deer Thief I design and there is nothing else like it on the market. The uniqueness of Amacker's product line doesn't stop there. The Jack Plate Timb-R-Lock Treestand is a hang-on treestand that's adjustable to fit any angle of tree. Traditional stands are compatible only with vertical trees limiting where people can hunt. This treestand overcomes this limitation by being able to mount on trees that are nearly horizontal. It incorporates 100 percent steel construction making it extremely durable withstanding the elements effortlessly. There is also the regular Timb-R-Lock that is an affordably priced hang-on stand that is very popular. It uses a fold-up design making for trouble-free transport. All Amacker treestands come with a full body harness for safety purposes.

"Sellmark's decision to acquire Amacker was an easy one to make", says James Sellers, CEO of Sellmark, "No other treestand company has such a prestigious history with so many unique products." Sellmark has already had success marketing Amacker products and the success is predicted to continue. Other recent brand acquisitions, such as Coyote Jakes and Mobile Hunter, had a smooth transition and have exceeded Sellmark's predictions. Sellmark is very happy to include Amacker into its family. James Sellers predicts Amacker will regain its leadership position by 2012.

About Sellmark:
Sellmark started as a full service marketing firm that quickly morphed into what it is today. Today it manufactures several outdoor brands and strives to have the strongest product offering in the outdoor industry. Sellmark Corp.


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