Iced Candy Jewellery Unveils Their Statement Jewellery Collection Inspired by the Caribbean Islands of Barbados, Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago

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Iced Candy Jewellery draws it's inspiration from the designers' travels to the pretty Caribbean islands of Barbados, Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago. With their love of Semi-Precious stones, they soon started work on a unique colourful collection that woman would want to wear and feel enticed by. Now that statement jewellery with a tribal influence has come to the forefront, Iced Candy jewellery is in a prime position to showcase their unique collection.

Diane Calliste, co-founder of the brand states, "Even though we have not set out to follow the current trends in statement/tribal jewellery, our jewellery does fit in with current trends for bold, statement jewellery - but our creative process is about more than fitting in with catwalk trends. We don't believe that the type of jewellery we design is only viable for 'a season'. They are timeless pieces which just happen to flit on the trend for statement jewellery."

With this type of jewellery there is no question that the eye-catching pieces enhance the beauty and appeal of the wearer. "Our jewellery has been designed to empower the wearer - women should not be afraid of drawing attention to themselves if it is warranted and our jewellery will certainly do that. The pieces focus attention on the wearer but don't overpower her either. The emphasis is on bold, rich colours and the use of prominent stones teamed with big beads in both necklaces and bracelets. The jewellery is about chic accessorising and about complementing the personality and mindset of the wearer at that moment." says Diane.

The jewellery comes in a myriad of candy coloured hues and ranges from necklaces with eye catching pendants to single flat rectangle and circle shaped flat stoned necklaces made with slate Agate, Angelite, Lemon Jade and Russian Amazonite.    Statement jewellery is not only about the necklace: "We have complemented the main line of necklaces with chic statement bracelets."

The jewellery is about showing off the unusual stones and materials that will complement the personal style of the wearer. Stones such as Pink Peruvian Opal have been teamed with striped banded Agate coins and bracelets are made from a combination of beautiful deep lilac Amethyst, Rose Quartz, African Turquoise, silver and gold.

Speaking on the tribal theme Diane continues, "We know traditionally that in tribal societies jewellery and the reflection of a woman's beauty, standing and status has always been important. The shapes and styles of some of our pieces are reminiscent of styles worn by tribal and indigenous African, Brazilian and Native American tribes. Because there is a purpose to the jewellery and the use of semi precious stones and other materials, there is a naturally intrinsic value to the pieces".

And about the names of the pieces? "Our jewellery company and the names given to each of our jewellery items are inspired by the candy coloured gingerbread style houses that are dotted all over the Caribbean islands. We always thought that each house was like a piece of candy and at the same time our interest was heading into setting up our jewellery label. Semi precious stones come in such a variety of colours and textures similar to candy hence the name of our jewellery brand. "Admittedly the names of our pieces add a bit of whimsy and fun to what we do but there is a serious design and creative method behind our jewellery designs. They are hand made and individually designed and conceptualised. A lot of thought and creativity goes into the collection."

These magnificent sweetie coloured gems are truly statement pieces that ooze individuality and boast of elegance that will leave a woman feeling and looking stunning.

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