SinuCleanse® Adapts Centuries Old Practice As An Effective Low-Cost, Alternative Spring And Summer Allergy Treatment For Kids

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Kids Mist™ Enables Parents To Utilize Nasal Washing, Derived From Ayurvedic Medicine, To Keep Treatment Costs Down As Allergy Season Flairs

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Americans spend some $12 billion annually to treat allergic rhinitis, or seasonal allergies, which are particularly acute in Spring and Summer.

The cost can hit parents especially hard as some 40% of all children suffer from allergic rhinitis. To worsen matters, pediatric OTC nasal decongestants, which parents have used in the past to relieve symptoms, have been voluntarily withdrawn from shelves in light of warnings from the FDA against use of such products with children under 6.

Instead, parents are increasingly turning to a safe, natural, effective and low-cost alternative - utilized for hundreds of years - to minimize the severity of spring and summer allergy attacks in children and relieve the congestion and sinus pain associated with them.

Nasal irrigation or washing with a saline solution dates back to Ayurvedic medicine, but research has shown it to provide safe and effective relief from allergies and reduce the need for expensive medication.

The traditional method of nasal irrigation is with a neti pot or squeeze bottle. But these can be impractical for children. However, SinuCleanse ( ), the leading manufacturer of neti pots in the U.S., has developed an adaptation, KidsMist™, which is a spray bottle producing an ultra-fine mist of saline solution that is easy to aim and that does not require touching the inside of the nose.

Kids Mist, specifically designed for use in infants and children, delivers a measured, precise dose of all-natural saline mist that is completely preservative free and that contains no Benzalkonium Chloride (BZCL). Preservatives such as BZCL, found in some brands of children's saline and nasal spray/drop solutions, have been shown to damage the sensitive lining of a child's nose. Kids Mist also features a proprietary anti-back wash valve that prevents re-contamination.

Research has shown that nasal irrigation with a saline solution is not only effective in treating allergic rhinitis, it can also help lessen the need for costly drugs.

A recent study in the Journal of Otorhinolaryngology found that nasal saline irrigation allowed for a greater reduction of topical steroid dose and produced a significant improvement in symptoms and signs. The researchers concluded that nasal saline irrigation was an effective adjunctive therapy in allergic rhinitis in children and allowed for the use of lesser doses of topical corticosteroids without compromising symptoms.

Additionally, a study published in Otolaryngol Head Neck Surgery found that daily nasal irrigation resulted in the improvement in the symptoms of sinusitis in more than 70% of subjects with medication usage decreased in one third of participants.

Also, a study in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology showed that nasal irrigation using a saline solution was effective in controlling allergic rhinitis-related symptoms in children during pollen season and resulted in a significant decrease of the use of antihistamine drugs.

According to the developer of Kids Mist, Diane G. Heatley, M.D., Associate Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in Madison, where she practices pediatric otolaryngology, nasal irrigation not only helps thin out mucous, allowing it to drain easily, but also washes out pollen in the nasal cavity and sinuses that can trigger allergy attacks.

Dr. Heatley recommends daily use of nasal irrigation for children during allergy season. Kids Mist is available nationwide at food, drug and mass outlets. Kids Mist has a suggested retail price off $ 14.99 and includes a three week saline solution supply.


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