RainSoft: The Green Solution That's Easy to Swallow

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This Earth Day, make living "green" a little easier by drinking treated tap water instead of bottled water. A RainSoft water purification system gives you fresh, safe drinking water without the hassle and pollution of a plastic bottle.

With a system like RainSoft's, you get bottled water quality without the bottle.

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, environmentalists are encouraging everyone to be a little more earth-friendly. Most people love the idea of doing more for the environment, but are either too busy to think about it or can't afford expensive green alternatives. However, there is one effortless change households can make to help the environment and save money at the same time.

"Switch from drinking bottled water to treated water straight from the tap," said Mark Vance, chief marketing officer of RainSoft, a Chicago-based company that provides whole-house water treatment systems. "With a system like RainSoft's, you get bottled water quality without the bottle."

Here are four reasons you might want to reconsider lugging home that heavy case of H2O:

#1 - Environmental impact. Bottled water is bad for the environment, and not just because of the plastic used for the bottles. The Natural Resources Defense Council says shipping bottled water to its final destination creates thousands of tons of air and global warming pollution. In New York City alone, the transportation of bottled water from western Europe released an estimated 3,800 tons of global warming pollution into the atmosphere. And while the bottles come from far away, most of them end up close to home -- in a landfill. Only about 13 percent of the bottles get recycled. The decomposition of plastic bottles in a landfill worsens the environment by leaching carcinogenic phthalates into the ground water, which affects tap water purity.

#2 - Your family's health. Treated tap water is safer for you and your family. A study by the Environmental Working Group discovered 38 pollutants, from caffeine to Tylenol to heavy metals, in the 10 brands of bottled water it tested, whereas a quality water treatment system can remove 90 percent of impurities.

#3 - Cost. Over the past decade, the amount of American-purchased bottled water doubled to nine billion gallons. The sales figures are astounding, considering that at an average cost of $3.79 per gallon, bottled water costs 1,900 times more than tap water, according to the Environmental Working Group. This can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. A quality water treatment system is a one-time investment that pays for itself when you consider the money you're not spending on bottled water.

#4 - Convenience. Have you ever considered how much work it is to use bottled water? When you can drink water straight from the tap, there are no heavy bottles to carry, no deliveries to schedule. Bottled water, however, not only takes up shelf space, but it creates extra chores --you have to dispose of the bottles or find a place to store them for recycling.

Better water doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment. Versatile enough to be installed out of sight under the kitchen sink or plumbed to a water-using refrigerator's ice maker and water-through-the-door dispenser, drinking water systems like RainSoft's are an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to bottled and regular tap water.

About RainSoft

RainSoft has been in the business of providing the finest home water filtration systems and whole-house air purification systems for families and businesses around the globe since 1953. One location in Elk Grove Village, Ill., has given way to several hundred independent dealer locations across the nation and around the world. With its dedication to extensive laboratory research and development and rigorous third-party testing, RainSoft is committed to becoming the most trusted source of residential water quality systems in North America. For more information on RainSoft water treatment systems, please call 1-800-RAINSOFT or visit http://www.RainSoft.com.


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