75 Dedicated Professionals Help NonProfits Face Challenges Caused by the Economic Crisis

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Dedicated and experienced consultants, coaches and specialists are committed to sharing their expertise with the nonprofit sector because of their own passion to be part of making the world a better place. Despite the economy, these professionals are helping nonprofits find ways to cope and thrive. Find them in the on-line NonProfit National Resource Directory at http://www.nonprofitnationalresourcedirectory.com

According to Tim Lannan of Tim Lannan Consulting, New York, NY "The job of nonprofits is nothing less than changing the world." The 75 professionals listed in the NonProfit National Resource Directory want to be part of that change and they know, that now, more than ever, nonprofits need assistance to do more with less and to meet the needs of those who may not have needed them in the past

Lannan and other consultants, coaches, vendors and specialists choose to share their expertise and experience with the nonprofit sector because, according to Peter Ames, of Peter Ames Consulting, Brookline, MA, "We have the biggest nonprofit sector in the world, and we citizens get to direct our contributions... Let's keep our nonprofit sector healthy, happy and effective - something we can truly be proud of."

Both Lannan and Ames are among the consultants and specialists listed in the NonProfit National Resource Directory, connecting nonprofits to the resources they need to succeed (http://www.nonprofitnationalresourcedirectory.com). The directory provides a one-stop-shop for nonprofit leadership to research consultants, coaches, specialists and vendors who will assist them to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization or institution.    

"The nonprofit sector is a critical collection of caring individuals who are put on the planet to make our world a better place. I love working and partnering with these organizations and their leaders because I believe they have the ability to transform lives..." says Laurie Herrick of RAINmaker Consulting in Holyoke, MA.

Those listed in the NonProfit National Resource Directory realize how challenging these times are for nonprofits.

Darcy H. Lee, Principal & CEO, Alden Charles Associates, Plymouth, MA, sees it this way.

"The economic downturn has forced nonprofits to take a hard look at their bottom lines and how they provide services to their public. And while these difficult times have not left the sector untouched, they provide a striking reminder that collaboration and partnerships can go a long way in fulfilling missions and helping those most in need. The need has never been greater, the experience of the sector never stronger and the opportunity to serve never more present than today."

The Nonprofit National Resource Directory was created to link the passion of the listed consultants and coaches with nonprofit organizations in need.

"Those working for or volunteering for non-profits should be doing so because they are truly 'passionate' about the mission and have a vision for the organization ... The non-profit world is not about 'egos'; it's about 'teamwork' and making a difference," says Diana Parrish, Parrish Consulting, Advance, NC.

Steve Smith of It's the Results, LLC, Lynnfield, MA worked in a major nonprofit organization for 30 years. There he "learned the value of ... coming together in common cause, committed to a mission that brings benefit to many folks. It's great to remain part of the world of nonprofits and all the value the sector brings to basic human needs, artistic expression, a sustainable environment. You name it, we're doing it."

The directory also includes those who have switched their focus from the corporate world to the nonprofit one. Michael Salius, Salius Communications, LLC, Torrington, CT had worked in strategic communications in the corporate sector for 18 years.

However, more recently, Salius has found "that many nonprofits can benefit significantly from the lessons we've learned from helping corporate clients impact and influence the attitudes and behaviors of their target audiences through strategic PR and marketing communications programs."

The directory is a free resource for nonprofits. Bruce Hennes, Managing Partner of Hennes Paynter Communications, Cleveland, OH, explains, "The NonProfit National Resource Directory helps us get the message out to nonprofits that we're here to help. Our job is to help nonprofits survive and thrive."

And the compassion and dedication of those who provide assistance to the nonprofit sector is evident throughout the directory.

"The nonprofit sector is filled with people of dedication, talent and creativity who work in organizations and institutions that have a very real impact in their local or larger communities. So it is an honor and a delight to help these people and their nonprofits," says Jane Beddall of Dovetail Resolutions, LLC, New Haven, CT.

Sharon Mikrut, Create it! Coaching,Tucson, AZ, sums it up when she says, "The nonprofit field is important as it provides critical programs and services that help people most in need ... I am grateful for all nonprofit organizations and the dedicated and committed professionals who work for them."

To view those listed in the NonProfit National Resource Directory, please see http://www.nonprofitnationalresourcedirectory.com.


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