A Proven Solution to Prevent Infant Abuse and Shaken Baby Syndrome

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Crying is the primary trigger for infant abuse. Therapeutic music expert Terry Woodford has created a nurturing way to quickly stop the crying and get babies to sleep all night.

Crying is the primary trigger for infant abuse. Therapeutic music expert Terry Woodford has created a nurturing way to quickly stop the crying and get babies to sleep all night. According to a National Sleep Foundation poll, more than two-thirds of all children (69%) experience sleep problems. Parents/caregivers of infants are awakened an average of four nights a week.

Any parent who has a constantly crying child is at risk to commit some degree of physical and/or emotional abuse. Parents want to be nurturing and respond to their baby's cry for help. But tragically, sometimes they snap under the barrage of noise that has left them sleep deprived, frustrated and desperate. It pushes them over the edge; they'll do anything to stop the crying

TV health news crews across America have gone in to local hospital intensive care units and filmed Woodford's recording of traditional lullabies with a human heartbeat rhythm miraculously stop babies from crying in seconds.

Of the 3.2 million of his Heartbeat Lullabies sold, over one million copies have been purchased by military family advocacy programs, Prevent Child Abuse America sites, health departments, corporations, benefits companies and hospitals to give new mothers. Child abuse prevention programs who include his CDs in the their parenting materials report a dramatic decrease in number of abuse incidences when compared to the same or similar programs who don't give parents his CDs.


  • "As a part of an intensive and comprehensive service system, we have given the CDs to over 24,000 Hampton and Newport News mothers. Infant abuse has been reduced by 27%," Debbie Russell, Prevention Programs Administrator, Healthy Families Partnership
  • "We have given the CDs for two years to at-risk mothers; no incidences of shaken baby," Nora Bleth, Public Health Nurse, Walla Walla County, WA. Health Department.

After interviewing hundreds of parents about their bedtime routines, Woodford discovered that in addition to over-stimulation and being frightened by startle sounds, something as simple as rocking a baby completely to sleep before placing him in his crib results in middle of the night crying. In his audio book CD he teaches parents how to use his music to get babies to peacefully adopt their own bed as their favorite place to sleep without the constant crying.

Upon request, Woodford has donated over 200,000 CDs to hospitals and organizations who help special needs children. His research-backed Heartbeat Lullabies have been played in over 8,400 hospitals and special care centers to calm infants and children on life support or when they are frightened or in pain.


  • In a published study, Indiana University School of Nursing researchers found Woodford's music reduced pain perception and kept babies calmer during circumcision.
  • Recognizing this music's potential, researchers at Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron, Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital and Metro Health Hospital in Cleveland played the music to help extremely premature babies get the rest and sleep they need to heal and grow.
  • The seven year replicated study has been submitted for publication.

Letting a baby cry to sleep is dangerous.
New parents are still being told to try a bedtime routine introduced by DR. Benjamin Spock 62 years ago. Spock advised parents to leave the room and let their babies cry for long periods of time, without rocking or trying to comfort them. His idea is was to not spoil the baby by picking her up when she cries. Theoretically, eventually sthe baby will stop crying and learn to go to sleep in her own bed.

Telling a mother to let her baby cry and not try to console him is contradictory to her natural instincts. She knows crying is the primary way her baby has to communicate when he is sick, in pain, afraid, uncomfortable, or has a basic physical or emotional need. How long will it be before a stressed, frazzled sleep - deprived parent or boyfriend makes the crying end in an irrational, abusive, disastrous way when the baby cries night after night?

Woodford has received over 30,000 appreciative testimonies from parents, home visitors, doctors, nurses and social workers that attest to the efficacy of his music therapy and easy to follow method to prevent colic and get babies to sleep all night. The 2 CD set "Getting Your Baby to Sleep- Made Easy" includes a "Heartbeat Lullabies" CD and an educational audio book CD.

Woodford gives government and non-profits up to 75% off the retail price.

Parents can listen free to his audio book, "Getting Your Baby to Sleep- Made Easy" (http://www.babygotosleep.com)

Woodford's Bio and more about infant abuse prevention: http://www.terrywoodford.net

Terry Woodford
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