KRG Publishing and Bring out the Newest Book by Kevin Given: 'The Great Science Fiction Trivia Quiz Book!'

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This is an exhaustive quiz which covers Science Fiction in the cinema and on Television from the first Science fiction film ever made to the latest Science Fiction film from today. The book also covers every science fiction television series from 1949 to the present. From George Melies to George Lucas and beyond. Quotes from famous Science Fiction authors and personalities, from Asimov and Vonnegut to Captain Kirk and Fox Mulder. Think you know Science fiction cinema? take the quiz and find out. Over 1,300 science fiction related questions.

The Great Science Fiction trivia quiz book.

Know sci-fi trivia? Try these questions out for size:

In what film does Sylvester Stallone appear as "The Terminator?"

How did George Burns inspire the character of Spock on "Star Trek?"

What warriors inspired the Jedi Knights from "Star Wars?"

What real creature inspired the alien from the "Alien" film franchise?

Which actor from "The Lord of The Rings" trilogy is the only one to have met J.R.R. Tolkien?

"Minority Report" was originally going to be a sequel to what film?

These questions and many more are answered in Kevin Given's latest book "The Great Science Fiction trivia quiz book." This book will challenge a persons knowledge of science fiction. In addition to the quiz, the book is loaded with extras. Kevin quotes famous science fiction authors on the subject of science fiction and different characters from the films and television series. The book also looks at famous quotes that weren't even said, yet attributed to different characters in the science fiction universe.

Kevin looks at the top ten mistakes made by science fiction film makers and looks at fictional computers in the science fiction universe.

In the list section, is a list of every superhero film ever made and include ones that are currently in development. This book also lists the following categories:

Every Steven Spielberg movie ever made    
Every Godzilla movie ever made (Toho)        
TV guides list of top cult television shows    
list of top science fiction television
The list of top science fiction films
Every Tarzan film ever made
Every Superhero movie ever made


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