Pure White Noise.com Adds 4 New Nature and White Noise CDs, Mp3 Downloads To Its Extensive Line-up of White Noise Sounds

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'Gold standard' provider of white noise sounds expands its comprehensive online e-commerce site to include new in-demand nature-based white noise sounds.

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To meet the ever-growing demand for the sound of white noise to help individuals relax and sleep, Pure White Noise® http.//http://www.PureWhiteNoise.com, provider of the gold standard of white noise and nature sounds on CD and mp3 download formats, today announced the addition of four (4) new 74-minute full-length white noise sounds to its e-commerce website: Beautiful Morning, Midnight Surf, Arctic Wind and Rain Song.

"As people become more aware of the benefits of white noise sounds, they are even more discriminating about the type, pitch and tone of white noise they want to hear to meet their individual needs," said Reg Furlough, PureWhiteNoise.com founder and owner. "Each of these new white noise sounds captures the essence of a real sound of nature that was actually recorded (forest sounds, ocean surf, wind and rain), and then remastered in our state-of-the-art sound studios to enhance overall sound quality and white noise sound efficacy."

Each of the new white noise sounds are 74 minutes in length, with no annoying loops or disruptions. Having such a long single track, which can be seamlessly repeated on the stereo or mp3 player 'repeat' function, is critical to providing an uninterrupted flow of sound that leads to relaxation and sleep.

Beautiful Morning
Beautiful Morning features a rapid bubbling sound of a small stream running over rocks in a forest, accompanied by the very subtle chirping of songbirds. "Even though we already offer several stream and river sounds, customers asked us for a brighter, more upbeat water sound to create a pleasant environment for sleep and blocking out noises," said Mr. Furlough. "We also found that children described this sound as 'happier' than our other water sounds, which makes it easier for parents to play Beautiful Morning in the background to help kids study better and to calm those with ADD/ADHD."

Midnight Surf
Recorded at midnight along the placid waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Midnight Surf captures the rich deep calming tones of long, slow waves at low tide. Combined with a softly perceptible underbed of Pure White Noise®, Midnight Surf offers a perfect combination of ocean surf sound and white noise to help users gently fall asleep, stay asleep and awaken refreshed.

Arctic Wind
In Arctic Wind, one of Pure White Noise's most beautiful and potent relaxation recordings for sleep, the soothingly mysterious yet cozy blowing wind sound was applied to a dreamy, long slow rising and falling sonic cycle. The lengthy slow cycle is designed to help listeners become more relaxed, falling into a calm and tranquil state ready for sleep. Arctic Wind is especially beneficial for night shift workers because, in addition to its calming benefits, its noise masking properties effectively block out the sounds of normal day life such as kids playing, TV noise, traffic sounds, barking dogs and noisy neighbors.

Rain Song
Rain Song combines a soothing rain sound with a hauntingly beautiful lush instrumental sleep music score. Featuring lush ambient sleep rain music for the first 40 minutes, it then fades into a solid 34-minute rain storm sound that transitions the listener to a cozy, peaceful sleep. Rain Song is fast becoming a Pure White Noise® best seller.

Visitors to PureWhiteNoise.com can listen to these new sounds online, as well as all the other sounds, in free sound samples before they buy. In addition, the site contains information about white noise and its benefits for babies, children and adults, along with simple instructions on how and where to play the sounds for maximum effectiveness.

"Our Pure White Noise sounds, especially these new ones, are an ideal antidote to today's noisy, highly-stressed world we live in," notes Mr. Furlough. "They can be played at home, in the office or even on the road when downloaded on an iPod® or mp3 player."    

New white noise sounds are already in production and will be added shortly to the website.

About PureWhiteNoise.com
PureWhiteNoise.com provides premium audio products that address relaxation and sleep issues in adults, children and infants since 1985. A pioneer provider of authentic white noise, nature sounds and relaxation music audio recordings designed to provide relaxation, sleep, concentration, baby's colic and hearing ailments such tinnitus and hyperacusis, its products have been embraced and used by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased our CDs and mp3 downloads in the USA and worldwide.


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