Skin Care on a Budget 101: Offers Six Smart Skincare Habits for Younger Skin

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Whether someone is looking for a quick pick-me-up or a long-term solution for younger-looking skin, these six innovative skincare tips from offer effective anti-aging solutions.

With so many great advances in skincare today, we're able to build a better defense against Father Time. Though we can't stop the clock, we can certainly slow the hands of time and look younger, longer.'s latest article, "6 Ways to Look Younger" discusses some surprising ways to turn back the clock.

1. Seek out silk. Great hair can shear years off of the appearance. The key lies in proteins, which chemists have turned to for years to help hair. Recently, the attention has shifted to silk protein, touted for its intense shine, body and weightlessness. These days, silk is harvested from worms or spider genes transplanted in tobacco or alfalfa plants -- both costly processes. Similar to less-pricey wheat proteins, the molecule size is ideal for sitting outside of the hair shaft, but its ability to deliver shine is unsurpassed.

2. Attack emotional aging. Whatever we feel emotionally, our skin "feels" too. That's because the skin and brain are actually connected, meaning that worry and stress affect our skin. It's been estimated that a whopping 80 percent of skin problems result from emotional aging. To attack this stress-induced aging, look for products with arctic cranberries, which carry powerful antioxidants. These cranberries are found in an unusual plant that blooms its omega-3 rich cranberries just once a year.

3. Get creative about sunscreen. Nothing keeps a person looking younger than staying out of the sun and making daily sun protection a routine habit. But, this doesn't mean that women have to give up that sun-kissed glow. To get the benefits of both SPF and a bronzed complexion, apply a self-tanner that contains sun protection.

4. Lose the lipstick. It can actually draw attention to lines, wrinkles and imperfections. Instead, try using Vaseline on the lips, which is a cheap way to leave the mouth looking full and soft.

5. Nourish the insides. In general, if something is goof for the body it's also good for the skin. Look into skin-healthy foods that contain vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids to give the skin a nice glow, and vitamin B and biotins to strengthen the hair and nails. Individuals who are concerned about incorporating these foods into the diet should consult a doctor to find out if a supplement might be a good choice instead.

6. Check out sirtuins. After studying Tibetan monks from Okinawa Japan -- known for their long lives and wrinkle-free skin -- researchers found that the monk's 30 to 40 percent calorie restriction led to more active cells. It appears that this calorie restriction activates a family of genes called sirtuins, which help to repair DNA and delay cell death. The researchers concluded that sirtuins may protect the skin against stress and photoaging. More research is still needed, though, so keep an eye out for studies on this exciting ingredient. covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles:

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