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Green energy is the new hot topic. However, there is so much information out there, how can the average American decipher it all?

The BEST user-friendly sit for Homeowners.

Green energy is the new hot topic. However, there is so much information out there, how can the average American decipher it all? Let GREENandSAVE, the most comprehensive source of online green data, make it easy to understand through various segment ideas.

GREENandSAVE CEO Charlie Szoradi was the first to graduate from Penn with a Masters in Green Architecture fifteen years ago, his home has been cited by numerous magazines as one of the greenest in the country and he has been used as an expert by everyone from Forbes to US Magazine.

Segment 1

Although GREENandSAVE does not endorse any particular product Szoradi and his team of experts test all new items on the market in order to recommend which are the best for the environment, save the most money and are the easiest for the consumer to use. Szoradi can showcase the ‘best of the best’ for spring such as: the suds free laundry, this device cleans clothes without hot water or soap and pays for itself in the first year, mulch made out of recycled tires which reduces landfills, K-VAC Motor Load Optimizer, a device that cuts down power coming into your home and allows appliances and equipment to operate more efficiently saving approximately $1,000 a year and cups, plates and silverware made out of sugarcane husks.

Segment 2

Szoradi has founded the first Eco-Academy. In this recession, he is putting people back to work by training them to perform home efficiency check-ups. Szoradi and his associates will offer a viewer, or a host/producer one of these check-ups, going through the home and suggesting ways to make it more energy efficient and producing a healthier environment. They guarantee they can save the homeowner money during their one hour rescue program. The American Institute of Architects and the National Association of Realtors used the GREENandSAVE content in the curriculum to teach its agents.

Segment 3

Where are there opportunities in the emerging green economy? Find out what they are and learn about the Eco-Academy, the first of its kind. Listen to graduates who range from a servicewoman recently returned from Iraq, to a PHD to an unemployed businessman, all finding new careers despite the economic slowdown. The Eco-Academy is creating jobs, saving on home energy, producing higher home values and creating a healthier planet.    

Segment 4

Take a tour through Szoradi’s house and visit the ultimate green home. It has been profiled on the cover of Inventors Magazine. In it you will see all the small and large ways everyone can make a significant difference. Szoradi can also explain items to keep an eye out for that will result in green tax credits for next year.

Green energy is here to stay. When the President signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and allocated 80 billion dollars to the effort, he made all of us anxious to learn all we can on the subject.
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America’s leading free ‘Green’ home remodeling resource for anyone that wants to save money and the environment as well as create a healthier home and overall lifestyle. Our team continues to research the data from a broad range of public and private sector reports as well as manufacturer specifications and actual user feedback. Major online resources and the 150 year old Institution, the American Institute of Architects, link into our site to educate their members and the National Association of Realtors uses the content in the curriculum to teach their agents. Clear Channel Radio’s Great Green Home Show also picked as “The BEST user-friendly sit for Homeowners.” Our company is the first to offer comprehensive Return on Investment (ROI) ranking and Take Action recommendations on multiple ways to ‘Go Green.’

About Eco Expert—Charlie Szoradi

Charlie brings multiple decades of hands on experience to the culture of sustainable living and cost-savings for home design and remodeling. He focuses on ‘high performance’ residential architecture, and in the early 90s, he wrote his Masters of Architecture thesis on sustainable design, entitled ‘Eco-Humanism.’ He has taken a leadership role at the national and regional level. In 2009, Charlie was elected to the Sustainable Business Network and selected as a member of the Green Energy Task Force, with direct participation on the Capitol Hill Delegation. Charlie is the President and Founder of GREENandSAVE, which was chosen as one of the finalists of the Sustainability Awards, and he also serves as the Chief Instructor of the company’s Eco Academy. From the cover profile of Investors Digest Magazine to the Energy Expert for US Magazine, Charlie has simply dedicated his career to green innovation.


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