Parents of 5-Year Old With Autism Takes an Alternative Route Using Wild-Crafted Essential Oils

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Using pure, wild crafted organic essential oils as an alternative treatment for autism is proving to be successful for autistic child.

What could mold, mildew, fungus, worms, parasites and allergies have to do with autism? The parents of Ciaran, 5-year old boy, diagnosed with autism was approached by their therapist who suggested the boy have a hair analysis done to check for mold, mildew, fungus, worms, parasites and allergies.

The boy's family was somewhat skeptical, so to understand what was entailed they spoke to the Doctor that runs the hair analysis. After speaking with the Doctor, they felt good about going forward with the testing.

The software program the Doctor uses scans for stressors in the body and then balancers. In this case the balancers used are Be Young Essential oils as an alternative treatment for autism.

When Ciaran’s results came back, it showed 7 types of fungus, molds, 19 species of round worm and allergies to 15 foods.

Within three weeks of his mother administrating the essential oils, Ciaran started to put sentences together and eating more food, he was a picky eater. His therapist reported that he was asking her questions and holding a conversation.

Eight weeks later Ciaran had another hair analysis and it showed that his stressors out of range went from 99 to 35. L-form bacteria were found and this is a significant finding.

Four weeks after he started his new program Ciaran’s mother reports, “his progress has been outstanding. He has been more emotional and sensitive, getting his feelings hurt more often. It shows that he is understanding more of his surroundings and in tune with what is being said and what is happening around him. He isn’t just in his own little world. He has become more sympathetic for others and picks up on expressions that people have and quickly responds to them. He started soccer this last weekend and scored the first goal in the first 5 minutes of the game.”

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