Coney Island Hospital Gets Wired for New Blood Donors

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Brooklyn hospital partners with Takes All Types to pioneer an online approach to recruiting new and younger donors

The average age of blood donors is around 50, so there is an important need to attract new and younger donors

Takes All Types and Coney Island Hospital have teamed up to improve blood donation in New York City by leveraging the networking power of the Internet to promote the cause and establish real-time communications with registered donors. With Takes All Types' help, Coney Island Hospital will be the first New York City hospital to place tools and content on popular sites like Facebook and MySpace that will promote blood donation and make it easy for donors to recruit their friends to donate. Coney Island Hospital will use Takes All Types' technology to target donors in real-time, both geographically and by blood type, whenever it has a need for blood.

"The average age of blood donors is around 50, so there is an important need to attract new and younger donors", said Ben Bergman, Executive Director of Takes All Types. "The demographic that use online social networks are most valuable to the future of the blood supply. Takes All Types is thrilled to be working with our first hospital partner in New York City, to position Coney Island Hospital at the forefront of donor recruitment practices".

Takes All Types, a non-profit company that uses online social networks to power the search for new blood donors partners with blood collection organizations like Coney Island Hospital to enable them to alert local donors when supplies are running low so donations come when and where they are needed most. When Facebook users who live in the Coney Island Hospital's service area view the Takes All Types application on Facebook ( they will see the Coney Island Hospital brand and know it is the local collection site, get details about donating blood there, read educational materials, and be offered a variety of tools to encourage their friends to register and donate. The system even supports cell phone text alerts (text 'BLOOD' to 69866) thanks to the support of the Mobile Commons.

"Joining the Takes All Types network gives us new, cutting edge ways to reach out to prospective donors in our community. Our participation with Takes All Types advances the cause of blood donation more broadly." commented Stuart Rosenhaus, Director of the Blood Donor program at Coney Island Hospital. "Young people congregate more in virtual places like Facebook than in traditional gathering places like schools, churches or community centers," The approach has support from blood banks and the medical community. Takes All Types' Medical Director Louis Aledort, M.D., the Mary Weinfeld Professor of Clinical Research in Hemophilia at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, points out that "calling donors when they're needed can reduce the 'vein-to-vein time', which showed real benefits to patients according to last March's New England Journal of Medicine".

Every day over 2,000 units of blood are needed in New York area hospitals. Last year alone, patients at Coney Island Hospital required over 3,000 units. Blood and blood products are perishable and must constantly be replaced.

To be eligible to give blood, you must be between 17 and 75 years old, in good health, at least 110 pounds, feel well on the day of the donation, not have donated blood within the last 56 days, compliant with travel restrictions. Some people cannot give blood on a particular day. Others are not able to give blood for an extended period. Still others may never be able to give blood - but everyone can use Takes All Types social media to recruit those who can!

About Takes All Types
Takes All Types is an incorporated non-profit that uses social media to promote blood donation and encourage peer recruitment, to make blood collection efforts more precise and efficient. TAT enables people to sign up as donors and volunteers, reminds them to give regularly, and to receive alerts when urgent local blood needs arise. A dedicated website at, applications on Facebook (, MySpace and Fanbox, and texting 'BLOOD' to 69866 facilitate registration, education and recruitment, by peers and professionals alike. Takes All Types enjoys strong pro bono support from industry partners including K&L Gates, Mobile Commons, Geller&Co., Thinkle, and TransPerfect. Send charitable donations to Takes All Types, 76 E. 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY 11218.

About Coney Island Hospital
Coney Island Hospital is the major medical service provider in southern Brooklyn with over 18,000 discharges and 300,000 outpatient visits at its four health centers, and provides more than 70,000 visits in its busy Emergency Department each year. Coney Island Hospital's Mission is to serve the communities of southern Brooklyn by providing high quality, cost effective health services, in a respectful way to all, regardless of ability to pay.

Contacts -
For donor program information
Stu Rosenhaus
Sr. Mgmt. Consultant
Coney Island Hospital Blood Donor Program
Tel: (718) 616-4461

Media Contacts
James N. Saunders
Associate Executive Director
Coney Island Hospital
Tel: 718-616-4124

Ben Bergman
Executive Director
Takes All Types, Inc.
Tel: (347) 223-4756 / (610) 883-6980


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