A New Book by Dr. Eva J Hoffman PhD, Providing Teenagers with Valuable Techniques to Deal with Exam Stress

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Every year somewhere in the world teenagers are taking their own lives due to the level of stress they feel to succeed, especially during exam time. In today's world we still measure success of teenagers by their ability to pass exams. We provide them the knowledge to take to the exams, but do we ensure they are in the best possible mental state in order to recall that knowledge.

I hope that my latest book, 'Stress Free Exams' will do for many learners exactly what the title suggests, alleviate the often troublesome exam stress.

Today, starting at a young age, success is measured by our academic achievements. That means passing exams! More than ever before the pressure to achieve comes from a number of sources, both inside and outside the family. To understand who will succeed and who will not everything we do is measured and charted. The consequence of this situation means, for a lot of young people, a greater level of stress to match the higher level of expectation.

A certain level of stress can be positive but too much is very negative. Too often we read and see the consequences of exam stress that continues to be an issue of concern in many parts of the world.

Through her personal experience, seeing the effects of exam stress first-hand, Dr. Eva Hoffman, a teacher and author all her adult life, has written the first in her new range of books. Stress Free Exams shows teenagers in particular the tools and techniques required to deal with exam stress, putting everything into perspective in the context of your life as a whole.

Dr. Eva. J.Hoffman PhD, the author of "Stress Free Exams" comments...

"I have been a teacher all my adult life, quite a long life it's been, too!

"I have worked with university students from all over the world; with young children, teenagers and teachers; with parents, educators and other interested adults.

"I have taught, spoke at conferences and ran workshops in ten different countries on four continents.

"I am obviously biased but I strongly believe that teaching is the best and most important thing I could ever do in life. I have had an opportunity and an honor to guide, support and inspire many young people, to touch lives in a meaningful way. Anyway, I always hope and pray that this is what I have done!

"Very importantly, I have also been a learner for as long as I can remember. I have learnt a tremendous amount from many wonderful teachers and maybe even more from my students. Working on my doctoral dissertation (also about learning) also taught me a great deal, most importantly about how much more there always is to be learnt!!!

"In my work I guide learners through a discovery and self-discovery learning adventure. Focusing on their strengths they find their unique, most effective learning strategies and re-discover the joy of learning.

"I am the author and the co-author of 15 published books, some of which have been translated into other languages. All my books are extremely practical, easy to understand and I hope, inspiring. And as you can probably guess, they are all about learning!

"I hope that my latest book, 'Stress Free Exams' will do for many learners exactly what the title suggests, alleviate the often troublesome exam stress."

Why Stress-Free Exams?

"Over the years I have witnessed many young and older pupils and students suffer, sometimes seriously, because of examination stress. I have known some who dropped out of school or university courses due to severe stress, others who suffered nervous break-downs to the extent they needed hospitalization. I have also known some who went as far as attempting suicide.

"No exam in the world is worth ruined health, not to mention lost life. I sincerely hope that this book will help learners under stress breathe more freely, that it will give them tools to deal better with exam nerves and lead them towards success."

Website: http://www.connect2education.biz

Dr. Hoffman blog: http://www.evahoffman.multiply.com

The book is available at http://www.amazon.com/Stress-Free-Exams-well-almostHoffman/dp/1441444173/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1234522226&sr=8-1

Book trailer video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbnJDDr3ZUA

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