Bio-Identical Hormones are Safe and Affordable When You Find the Right Physician

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The authors of "From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well" Can Help

In response to new medical evidence combined with a groundswell of consumer awareness and demand, bio-identical hormone replacement therapies (BHRT) have gained enormous popularity in the last decade. Celebrities - such as Oprah Winfrey, Robin McGraw and Suzanne Somers - have helped get the word out that BHRT can effectively and safely eliminate symptoms associated with menopause, peri-menopause and PMS.

Unfortunately, many women motivated to try this natural solution for symptoms of menopause, PMS and low libido soon discover that the out-of-pocket costs for physician consultation and personalized prescription can range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Genie James, Executive Director of The Natural Hormone Institute, has a wallet-friendly solution: " Many women, approximately 70 to 80 percent, find that they can eliminate symptoms of hormone imbalance - such as mood swings, irratability, hot flashes, irregular bleeding, worsened PMS, night sweats, weight gain, loss of sex drive, depression, memory fog and/or fibrocystic breasts - by using over-the-counter preperations of bio-identical progesgterone and a bio-identical estrogen called estriol. Instead of forking out hundreds or thousands of dollars, many women can successfully and safely self-treat their underlying hormone imbalance for under $50 per month."

Bioidentical progesterone is available in in dozens of OTC topical creams, such as Dr. Randolph's Natural Balance Cream, Pro-Gest and Progestacare ( all available online or in natural health stores). Bioidentical progesterone is also available in other OTC forms, like nasal sprays and lozenges b ut C.W. Randolph, Jr., M.D., Medical Director of the Natural Hormone Institute recommend s the cream form above all others (including the prescription) because it's well-absorbed through the skin, and easy to use and adjust doses. When choosing a cream, check labels for the terms progesterone or bio-identical progesterone, usually accompanied by an amount of progesterone, such as 25 mg. A U nited States Pharmacopeia (USP) seal indicates that the makers have followed strict manufacturing guidelines .

Over-the-counter bio-identical estriol is available in cream and capsule form. When asked how a woman can determine if she needs one or both of these products, Dr. Randolph says, "Because progesterone levels are the first to decline - typically beginning in a woman's 30's - most women will find that over-the-counter bio-identical progesterone cream will sufficiently restore optimum hormone balance and eliminate their symptoms. When symptoms re-emerge or a woman begins to move into peri-menopause and has irregular menstrual cycles -typically in her mid to late 40's - her body is indicating that her estrogen levels have also declined to a point where supplemntation is needed. Now it is time for over-the-counter estriol combined with over-the-counter progesterone.

Genie James and Dr. Randolph are the authors of From Hormone Hell to Hormone Well and From Belly Fat to Belly Flat. There latest book, In the Mood Again and is scheduled for release by Simon and Schuster in January 2010.

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