China 60-year-old Geographic Magazine Goes Global

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Chinese National Geography, China's most authoritative geographic publication announces launch of its English language international edition. The magazine is aimed at demystifying China through exploration of its landscape, culture and history.

Chinese National Geography (English) edition (CNGi) launched this week, becoming the first established Chinese geographic publication to reach out to a global audience. CNGi, the international edition of the highly popular 中国国家地理 (CNG), is published by the M Media Group with a vision to "Bring China to the World".

CNGi aims to unravel the mysteries of the 4,000 year old Middle Kingdom, through indepth articles covering geography, history and culture. The publication targets an international audience that includes the many foreigners living and working in China, foreigners abroad who are interested in understanding China and the millions of overseas-born Chinese worldwide who are looking to rediscover and reconnect with the land of their ancestors. The magazine will be distributed to subscribers and retailers across China and the Asia Pacific region with an initial print run of 93,000 copies, expanding to cover Europe and the U.S. by 2010.

The magazine publisher, Melvyn Goh, CEO of M Media Group, said, "We have addressed an important gap in the market with the launch of Chinese National Geography (English) Edition. China's continuing rise to economic prominence in our present day has not been matched by a similar growth in the understanding of the Chinese people, and culture. Today, CNGi has taken its first step towards bridging China to the world."

CNGi is the English language edition of China's leading magazine on geography and culture, CNG, which is supported by the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), under the directive of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Geographical Society of China. CNG has been the most authoritative magazine on China's natural history since 1949. With the launch of CNGi, this wealth of information and research is now accessible to an even greater audience.

Li Shuanke, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of CNG, said, "For 60 years, Chinese National Geography has been educating and enriching readers with its considered and insightful editorial. Today, our magazine has reached a circulation of one million. With the launch of CNGi, I am very heartened to see the spirit in which we have started CNG, mirrored in the passion of CNGi as it fosters greater understanding of China's rich history and culture amongst readers across the globe."

Like CNG, CNGi will feature well researched, accurate and timely information adapted from the IGSNRR, accompanied by stunning photography and evocative narratives. The magazine premiers its maiden issue with the exploration of "the place where China was born", Henan province.

Speaking about the magazine, Lee Yungshih, CNGi's Editorial Director, said, "CNGi's mission is to be a faithful storyteller of China's natural and cultural history, preserving the editorial clarity, passion and integrity embodied by CNG, so that many more all around the world will come to know China and its people better."

Shi Feng, President of the China Periodicals Association, said, "Chinese publishing has grown tremendously over the years, encompassing more subjects, improving rapidly in both quality and circulation. Despite this success, the number of outstanding publications that have successfully expanded overseas is still very small. As a leading national publication, Chinese National Geography can become an important part of cross cultural exchange. The China Periodicals Association is committed to supporting Chinese National Geography (English) Edition as it develops the broader international market."

Of the 9,680 periodicals published in China, CNGi is the first to pioneer an established Chinese geography magazine to a global audience.

To learn more about CNGi, or join the CNGi Facebook community, please visit the website at

About CNGi

Published by M Media Group, supported by 中国国家地理 (CNG), Chinese National Geography (English) Edition (CNGI) is the first Chinese geography magazine to break borders in reaching out to an international audience. Its mission is to bridge the gap between China and the world, helping overseas Chinese reconnect with their roots in China, and for non-Chinese to unveil the mystery that is the Middle Kingdom.

The English edition is CNGi's first step towards internationalization. CNGi will soon be published in other major foreign language editions. For more information about CNGi, please visit

About M Media Group

M Media Group is a leading media company in Hong Kong. It is an investee company 100% owned by the Morningside Group, which is a private investment group founded in 1986 by the Chan family of Hong Kong. The Chan family founded the Hang Lung Group in 1960.

M Media Group presents some of the world's leading business and consumer magazine titles and publications in China, including Harvard Business Review China, The Bund (外滩画报), China's Best Business Hotels, and China's Best Golf Courses, all focused on providing information on China's business and general interest categories.

The Morningside and M Media Groups have forged a long-term strategic collaborative agreement with Chinese National Geography (中国国家地理)

About CNG

CNG is China's leading magazine on geography and culture since 1949. With an unbeatable 60-year track record behind it, it is one of China's most successful magazines with a circulation of one million China-wide. In October 2005, its special edition "Scenic Splendor of China" published in 10 languages sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

Backed by the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR) under the directive of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and the Geographical Society of China, CNG boasts a wealth of reliable, accurate and authentic source of information and research materials that became the foundation of an authoritative and credible magazine.

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