Despite the Economic Turmoil Slava Sales Still Strong - Product Relaunch Aims to Take Ukrainian Import Mainstream

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Recent surveys have shown that despite economic turmoil, Canadians haven't had difficulty finding the money to 'de-stress' with a drink or two. In fact, sales of booze have increased across the country (Canada).

Recent surveys have indicated that despite international economic difficulties, sales of spirits have actually increased. Furthermore, Canadians are increasing their consumption of imported alcoholic beverages. "This is positive news for Canadian distributors such as Slava Ultra Premium Vodka," says John Vellinga, president of Multiculture Bevco - Canadian owner and distributor of Slava Ultra Premium Vodka - who's hoping to make a Ukrainian import into a mainstream vodka in Canada.

People are drawn to the attractive and imaginative presentation of cocktails and martinis, and with spring upon us, even more will make vodka their drink of choice. Knowing this, it's not surprising that one out every four spirit drinkers choose vodka.

"Spring is fresh and colourful - it's about life and fun," says John Vellinga, president of Multiculture Bevco - Canadian owner and distributor of Slava Ultra Premium Vodka. "Besides the good taste, the many diverse cocktails with their attractive and colourful presentations resonate life and fun - and after a long day at work, people want fun; they want to live life - perhaps that's one of the main reasons behind vodka's growing popularity."

This is the time when barbeques are unwrapped, and patio furniture returned to the backyard in preparation for the warm sunny days that are ahead. It's the time for celebrations, parties and getting together with friends.

Now imagine serving a number of exciting and colourful cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan, Cinnamon Heart, Candy Cane Martini, Orange Revolution and Vodka Mojito - the names in themselves are so interesting that guests will be asking to try one.

"Global statistics show that vodka's versatility and easy drink-ability are one of the reasons why it's a popular choice amongst the young and old alike," says John Vellinga. "Besides cocktails, it can be drunk straight or neat, the preferred choice of many Europeans; it can be a serious drink or a fun drink; and can even be a sophisticated drink - 'shaken, not stirred.'

It is little wonder that vodka sales are expected to be the largest growth category of global spirit sales right through to 2012, and the spirit of choice at parties throughout North America.

"What's helping this growing trend is the increasing popularity of premium and ultra premium vodkas," says Vellinga. "Ultra Premium vodkas, like Slava, have been distilled a number of times removing the impurities that can be found in ordinary brands - this makes the quality and taste better, and in the case of Slava, even remove the medicinal taste making the drinks taste better and the experience enjoyable."


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