Emergency Preparedness DVD Informs How to Prepare for Flu Outbreak and Unexpected Disruptions

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Apogee Communications Group award winning educational DVD Emergency Preparedness - Awareness & Survival gives families and businesses important information how to prepare food, water, communications, and other supplies for emergencies and program provides life saving tips on preparing for disasters and other unscheduled disruptive events including severe weather, natural events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, wildland fires and pandemics including swine and avian flu. The program also includes a sections about communications and developing an emergency escape kit for both familles and businesses

Apogee Communications Group has received 7 awards including a Telly, Communicator, Aurora, Videographer, Pegasus, Hermes Creative, and Worldfest Houston awards for its' DVD titled Emergency Preparedness - Awareness & Survival DVD. The educational program gives important tips and how-to-do instructions about planning for most types of disruptions from power outages, hurricanes, pandemics including swine and Avian Flu, dirty bombs, and other acts of terrorism. With more than 25 years experience covering major news stories for network television news, being a former firefighter and EMT, Producer Arthur Levy has seen the results of many national disasters.

The Emergency Preparedness DVD also contains a section about how to protect from swine, avian influenza, and other pandemics. Levy says that pandemics can also be caused by other viruses including swine flu and bioterrorism. Recently, human-to-human transmission of swine flu has been reported in the United States, Mexico, and Israel. In Mexico, more than 1,400 cases of flu and 90 deaths have been reported.

The avian flu virus spread to more than 61 countries and more than 300 million birds have been killed or forced culled as a result of the virus. More than 418 cases of H5N1 in humans of which 257 persons have died has been reported to the World Health Organization. WHO has become concerned that some people may carry the bird flu virus without showing symptoms, which could mutate to a strain that easily could spread to other humans and cause a pandemic..

The program contains potentially life saving information and tips including how to use a fire extinguisher, obtaining safe drinking water, how to store food for emergency use, according to Levy. "Many people don't realize what supplies to store, including food and water, and how to use them during an emergency", said Levy. Having the correct supplies stored at home reduces the stress of running to grocery store when a major storm is threatening only to find empty shelves, Levy added.

"The purpose of the program is shows there are choices to the level of emergency preparedness a families and businesses would like to have", says Levy. The effects of global warming will impact our lives and knowing what do to is extremely important. Levy says that good communications including a NOAA All Hazards Radio that will alert you 24 hours a day to warn of severe weather and local emergencies should be in every home. "If you are asked to evacuate your home from a wildland fire, flood, or chemical spill , an emergency escape kit could hold your valuable papers, computer external hard drive and other items such as a quality water purifier. Having preparedness supplies makes sense says Levy. "More importantly, is knowing how the use the supplies before an emergency occurs."

Levy says we have become a "just in time" society where if we need an item we simply send an email or place a phone order and the item shows up at our door the next day. If we work late, we can easily purchase warm, precooked meals at the grocery store. During disruptions, the normal supply chains may not be available and we have to relie on what we have in our homes and businesses. Dehydrated food can be stored for up to 25 years in sealed cans and with a high quality water purifier, clean water can be obtained from almost source such as rivers and lakes.

"Whether a long lasting power outage, hurricane, tornado, hazardous material accident, terrorism, or pandemic, having the knowledge of what choices you have and how to use the supplies for an emergency could impact your familles and pet's well-being," said Levy.

The 75 minute Emergency Preparedness - Awareness & Survival DVD is available at http://www.apogeevideo.com, public libraries, preparedness stores, Amazon.com, Netflix and through programs at public health departments, federal, state and local governments, fire, and emergency management departments.

About Apogee Communications Group

Apogee Communications Group is a professional video production company. The company's founder, Arthur Levy, has been a photojournalist for ABC, CBS, NBC News, Paramount Pictures, Discovery Channel, Weather Channel HD and has traveled throughout North American filming events such as presidential primaries and many disasters including Mt. St. Helen's, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildland fires and floods, and other disasters. Levy's work has appeared on 60 Minutes, 20/20, and Dr. Phil and the Today Show as well as several still photography books. Apogee Communications Group has produced corporate videos for such clients as Space Imaging, Smithsonian Institute, Maxtor Corp, and the American Red Cross, Apogee has received more than 100 awards for its' productions. Apogee has produced and marketed many DVD's including Infant & Toddler Emergency First Aid, Pet Emergency First Aid, Heart Disease Prevention, Detection, and Treatment, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Heart Disease & Women health and safety DVD's. Please visit the Apogee Communications Group website at http://www.apogeevideo.com for additional information.

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