Bird Flu Manual Online Assists Businesses with Their Preparations for Swine Flu Outbreak

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The Swine Flu outbreak has finally forced reluctant businesses to get their pandemic preparedness activities underway. It already seems like the pandemic is out of control, and at the time of this writing has surfaced in several major population centers around the world. Sales of face masks and hand antiseptics has soared as people suddenly realize that the time to get fully prepared may have already passed.

The Swine Flu pandemic outbreak is here to stay and that's official. The WHO is just one step short of raising the pandemic status to "significant human to human transmission". Bird Flu Manual Online ( stays one step ahead with its pandemic preparedness advice to businesses.

If businesses have not already started their preparations and planning, then it's time they did something about it. The question is of course, "What do they need to do"?

Swine flu is an influenza type no different to bird flu or human flu, except that it occurs in pigs instead of humans or birds. Scientists have always said that the global pandemics experienced throughout history (at the rate of about three a century) are the result of the animal virus jumping from one species to another and combining to form a lethal form of influenza which leaps to humans.

As the human body is more similar to a pig's body than a bird's, the path of least resistance for the virus to easily mix with humans is mix with pigs first. It is true that Bird Flu has not been very successful so far mutating to a strain easily transmittable between humans.

The reason we see such high death rates but low infection rates from the jump from birds-to-humans is because the environments for the virus are so incompatible. When a bird influenza strain makes the jump to pigs however, it is possible for it to combine with the pig form of the virus to a type which can make the jump to humans, and then subsequently between humans.

This is what appears to have happened. The DNA of the Swine Flu outbreak virus contains bird flu and human flu.

The virus' ultimate goal is to cause a global pandemic, and in order to do that it needs to mutate to a type which doesn't kill its host, allowing long periods of contagious incubation. The seasonal flu has lasted so long because it doesn't kill many relative to how many it infects.

The worst influenza outbreak in history killed about 3% of those it infected. For this reason alone it is not too late to get preparations and education underway. Life will continue once it's all over.

Regardless of which mammal this pandemic strain has come from, businesses (and individuals) must now start getting prepared.

Fortunately there is a lot of information available on the internet on Bird Flu which can also be used for Swine Flu, to help get planning underway. This includes getting processes and procedures in place as well as stockpiling items such as face masks and hand antiseptics.

With the latter the public needs to be quick as online retailers have already seen skyrocketing sales of all of these items. Some have already run out of stock as many never re-stocked when the Bird Flu hype subsided some years back.

The problem with the information available on the internet is that very few contain truly practical ideas which business managers can implement.

For example, what should a manager do when sickness is discovered in the workplace and staff evacuate their workstations and offices in fear of being the next victim? This will happen, even if the 'sick' person doesn't actually have the disease. How should the manager get the clean up done and get everyone back to their stations quickly and efficiently?

If businesses expect staff to come to work when the pandemic has really taken hold, the company will have to convince the staff that the work place is the safest place to be outside of the home. They have to know managers have plans in place when it comes to protecting their safety.

This means the organization needs to have a sterilized office environment where illness is checked at the door. Compulsory temperature checks for staff and visitors at every entrance, sterilization mats, face masks to hand out and hand sanitization outlets. Delivery staff can drop off outside, and packages disinfected before being brought in.

Keep meetings to an absolute minimum, but if they are unavoidable maintain a distance of at least one meter between attendees, and more if possible. Consider using video-conferencing.

Whether the pandemic came from birds or swines businesses can find the answers they need to get their pandemic preparedness ( completed and stockpiling ( purchased and delivered at Bird Flu Manual Online.

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