Heroes of Light and Dark Battle to Control the Earth in: 'A Legendary Journey,' a Novel by Robert Allen Russell

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What would you do if your life, your entire existence, was engineered for a purpose you neither knew nor understood? That is precisely the situation faced by Jeremy Williams, the protagonist of A Legendary Journey (published by iUniverse) by Robert Allen Russell.

Inspired by the story telling style of comic books and graphic novels, A Legendary Journey, combines multiple legends into one storyline. In the opening pages of A Legendary Journey Jeremy Williams, AKA Crusader, learns that he is actually half-human and half-extraterrestrial. With this revelation, he also discovers that the Earth actually has a second civilization living beneath its surface in a realm known as Inner Earth. He also discovers that he is the pre-ordained Leader of a group of human/alien hybrids called the Laser Terrestrials. The Laser Terrestrials' appointed task is to maintain peace between Inner Earth and the surface as well as protect humanity from other threats that have arisen over the centuries.

As this "graphic novel without pictures" unfolds, readers are introduced to characters nefarious and benign. Among them, the Society of Demons, an evil organization that tries to prevent the coming about of the Laser Terrestrials. The SOD, as they are called, and its leader try everything possible in order to break the Laser Terrestrial's will. The SOD battles back and forth with the Laser Terrestrials as the readers learn more about the different characters. The Laser Terrestrials finally defeat the SOD, bringing about Peace, for a short time. However, just as the heroes begin to savor their victory, a new threat emerges.

"When our fathers made Armus they immediately realized how powerful and destructive he was, so they locked him away. Eventually, the Societies found out about him. They freed him and he immediately turned against them. He discovered how to extract the materials from the extraterrestrials in order to make himself immortal and more powerful. He slaughtered hundreds of extraterrestrials in his quest to be forever immortal, cutting the extraterrestrial population in half.

During Armus' rampage, one called the Metallic Dragon rose to oppose him. In order to try to fix their mistake, they willingly gave their materials to the Dragon making him as strong and invincible as Armus. Because of the selfless sacrifice of most of the remaining extraterrestrials, the Metallic Dragon was victorious, bottling up Armus for eternity. The Immortal Dragon was soon banished because all felt that he was also too powerful to be free. After a while, the Societies found Armus again, but they haven't released him, not yet. If Armus is released then the power contained within him will destroy the whole planet. That's why this is a Terrestrials-only mission. If something happens to us, at least we can hype, unlike the others."

Robert Allen Russell was born in Butler, Alabama. He currently resides in Columbus, OH where he lives with his wife and two children. He is a life-long lover of comics and graphic novels. Learn more at http://www.alegendaryjourney.com.

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