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April 2009, Troy Simon announces the launch of a new college level education program called the Job Assassination Program.

Troy Simon announces the launch of a new college level education program called the Job Assassination Program. The program offers education on how to generate a 7 figure income in a very short while using all of the tools available on the internet.

According to Troy, "Webucation is education and knowledge delivered 100% via the Internet and is forever changing how we view the process of acquiring information. There are no books, high tuition costs or travel time. It allows more people from more walks of life the opportunity to acquire knowledge in any field or level of education."

The Job Assassination Program works for MLM affiliates, internet marketers, and business owners from all walks of life. The product offered is a course of webucation style information on a level with obtaining an MBA in internet marketing.

The educational materials are divided into 6 modules that cover all the information needed to build and maintain a profitable internet marketing business. The first module covers the topic of paid internet advertising and looks at all the benefits and pitfalls associated with all of the different types of advertising available on the internet. Module two gives instruction in the art of affiliate marketing and using list leveraging, viral marketing, and other affiliate tools to build an income. The third module covers the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more traffic to one's website. Module four covers the various authorities in different types of marketing. Number five is information about the various methods of offline advertising including direct mail, seminars, sponsorship, and more. The sixth is critical information needed for public relations work that includes methods to create a public image and make your business model attractive to prospective customers.

Customers of the Job Assassination Program become affiliates with full rights to resell the products through their own websites for a substantial commission on each sale. The affiliate program offers a two tiered residual income based on the sales of next generation customers.

Selling the Job Assassination Program is based on different steps through the websites so that by the time prospects reach the actual product information, they have already demonstrated a level of interest that normally translates into a sale immediately. However, even if the sale is not immediate, automated follow-ups keep the program in the attention of the prospects which generally leads to a sale within a few weeks.

Cashing in on the latest mega trend of offering webucation courses at affordable prices to internet entrepreneurs has just gotten easier. The Job Assassination Program is an education program offering the rough equivalent of an MBA in internet marketing and an income potential equal to or exceeding an equivalent college education. Between learning all of the tools needed to succeed in online business and the affiliate marketing program made available to all customers of the Job Assassination Program, the program the goal is to produce a recession proof income for internet entrepreneurs and internet marketing professionals.

The Job Assassination Program is a unique system in that it offers education components useful to any internet business person regardless of the type of business in addition to offering an internet affiliate marketing system that offers a potential for a 7 figure income from the resale rights on the program in addition to the incorporation of elements from the program into the original business of the owner.

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