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Lorraine Faehndrich, creator of Blisscals, and owner of Creating Bliss http://www.CreatingBliss.com is taking positive thought to new heights. Inspired by the Law of Attraction, Lorraine is helping people create a life of bliss simply by keeping words, thoughts and phrases that feel good at the forefront of thought. Blisscals are a unique and powerful reminder that the words we see, think and speak reflect back to us and impact profoundly on the way we feel and what we create.

At a time when the economic climate is less than optimistic, people tend to fall prey to negativity. Yet, it's important to remember that regardless of outer circumstances, how we feel is a clear indication of what is created in our lives. It's become clear that to attract good things, our thoughts must be proactive. Plain and simple it's the one true path to creating everything we want. Lorraine Faehndrich understands that better than most, which is why she created Blisscals.

Blisscals are colorful, uplifting and reusable cling decals ideal for placing in windows, cars, homes, and offices. Blisscals have no glue so they're easily moved and removed, plus each phrase comes with a message that empowers the affirmation. Whether one is working, driving or cleaning the house, with Blisscals strategically positioned throughout the environment, the messages are a constant reminder that life is good. As a result, regardless of the situation, it's impossible to feel stressed when Blisscals are in view.

"A few years ago, I began taping positive affirmations all around my house as a reminder to think thoughts that inspired me and made me feel good," said Faehndrich. "I immediately noticed a shift in how I felt throughout the day and in what I was attracting into my life. Today, rather than taping reminders everywhere, I use Blisscals, as they have proven to keep me happy, which helps me create the life I want for my daughter and myself."

When using Blisscals, people feel good. Blisscals help to reprogram habitual negative, unconscious thought patterns with phrases like "All is Well" and "Living Deliciously. Once these change, users effortlessly start attracting things they want. "I just got my Blisscals in the mail," wrote Jewels Johnson, Law of Attraction Radio. "I ordered "Follow Your Heart" and "Imagine, Believe, Receive," which I immediately put on my car rear window. Now I can read it from my rear view mirror at the same time that cars behind me read it too, so not only do I become an inspiration to others while I'm doing errands, but I'm keeping focused on attaining my dreams."

To learn more about Blisscals or to become a Distributor, visit http://www.CreatingBliss.com. For more information about Blisscals or Creating Bliss, please contact Media Relations at 1-917-617-0546 or via e-mail at info at CreatingBliss.com.

About Lorraine Faehndrich and Creating Bliss:

Lorraine Faehndrich is a creative entrepreneur who uses positive thought to create a successful life. By focusing on her desires and making "feeling good" a priority, she has created a successful business and a thriving family. As the creator of Blisscals, Lorraine is a huge proponent of the Law of Attraction, which means she uses her thoughts to create a blissful life for herself and her young daughter. According to Lorraine, feeling good is the most important element for creating what we want.

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Lorraine Faehndrich
Founder: Creating Bliss
Telephone: 607-351-6464
Web Address: http://www.CreatingBliss.com


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