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Today many scientists have come to conclusion that clean air leads to longevity. New development of "Eleline" can clear air in the premise which is intended for clearing polluted air.

1. Is air around us harmful for our health?

Today many scientists have come to conclusion that clean air leads to longevity. This fact is confirmed also by long-livers. Hong Kong doctors also keep to this version; they have noticed that if city air is cleaner, than the citizens will live longer. Air is necessary for a life, in fact without it there will be no life on the Earth. Each person consumes by lungs each day from 15 up to 25 ki, this parameter increases in 6-8 times during various physical activities. We breathe air many times as large, than food and water put together. The surface of lungs absorbs together with air all harmful substances containing in it which put an irreparable harm to health. We can see and somehow control that we eat and drink every day, but we usually don't pay attention to air. So practically we can't control air. Air in our apartments contains various infections: bacterial, virus. It is possible to find out allergens in it such as flower pollen, skin peels, wool of pets and dust mites. The furniture, wall-papers and artificial materials negatively affect air. Since 2000 "Eleline" company has engaged in development of new technologies for clearing polluted air which is in the nick of time.

During millions years of life on the Earth the mankind has got used to clean and fresh air filled with the breath of flowers and a smell of forest. But those times when people breathed fresh and clean air have remained behind. All citizens cannot refuse convenience and move in villages more close to the nature. Rare and short walk cannot provide us with fresh air for a long time.

Scientists who study duration of human life are assured that it should be 150 years and more. However, today the forecast is not consolatory, in Russia on the average women live 73 years and man live 60 years. Every year the ecology becomes worse, it influences people health and their longevity. Why conclusions of scientists and data of statistics are so differ? It is difficult to answer this question. In fact recently people lived and did not think about danger which waits us in future. Only last year such question appears, what dangerous factors influence our health, hurt it? How many of us begin to pay attention to what we breathe? What water we drink also what exactly we eat? Recently Russian company "Eleline" on a par with other firms participates in development of projects for clearing air.

The British scientists have come to conclusion that in 50-80 % cases of allergic and chronic diseases polluted air is a source of diseases, as it promotes the beginning of various diseases. We can't change ecological conditions surrounding us, but everyone can do it in the apartment and office. First of all it is necessary to air rooms as air in closed space is at 5-10 time more harmful, than in the street. Besides in damp location often appears mold. A mold is a fungus which has harmful spores, they get in air and cause an allergy or even more dangerous diseases, for example, defeat of lungs. If you take cautious it is possible to secure yourself and your family. For example, buying an apartment pay special attention in what place it is located, whether there are nearby factories or industrial factories, in fact you should live all your life in this apartment and breathe unhealthy air. Various developments in the field of clearing air are actively conducted during last decade. "Eleline" Company also participates in the Russian development of this direction.

2. How is it possible to survive in modern conditions of our houses?

Today the life in our apartments certainly convenience but as scientists approve is not safe. How is it possible to avoid danger trapping us? Different Russian companies including "Eleline" are engaged in the development in the field of clearing air.

Pollution sources of air are dust and smoke, besides harmful products which are exhaled during gas burning, heaters and even conditions and surrounding. All these harmful factors are collected in rooms and poison air which we daily breathe. All these harmful effects on our organism can cause irritation of eyes, various respiratory infections which in turn can pass into bronchitis. According to doctors a long living in a dusty premise often causes various diseases, even lung cancer. Do not forget to air rooms and to do wet cleaning. Besides it is important to fix cooker hood above gas stove. Since 2000 "Eleline" company has run development of the Russian modern types of air cleaners.

Pollution sources of air are some things containing practically in any house. They are solvents and air deodorant, paints and aerosols and many other things. Evaporation of all these harmful vapors contains in air which harmful affect our health, causing a headache, eye irritation and quite often cold in the nose. Air pollution by organic substances negatively affects the central nervous system and can cause kidney disease and liver disease. Chemicals containing in household chemical products, can cause an allergy and oncological diseases. One of the basic methods to struggle against harmful chemistry is correct using and storage of all household chemical products. It is better to store it on a balcony or in other well aired premise. If all these necessary preparations are stored in the house then pack them in a separate polyethylene package and fasten tight. You can secure yourself and members of your family against harmful influences only observing all rules of storage; of course they are unsafe, but necessary in daily use: cleaning and washing-up liquids, washing powder, etc.

One more pollution sources of air in our houses and apartments are reconstituted particle boards from which is made furniture and some kinds of fabric besides fitted carpet. Formaldehyde containing in them exhales harmful vapors in air which we daily consume up to 15-25 ki. Formaldehyde is carcinogen. Methods of struggle against it and other harmful evaporation which are hazardous to health consist in keeping average temperature conditions and you should often air rooms.

Furthermore damp wet walls and ceilings, carpets and furniture, being in a damp wet premise play greater role in pollution of our air.

Damp and at the same time warm places contain dangerous microorganisms. Many of them threaten our health. Frequently they cause respiratory diseases. One of the main methods to struggle against them is effective drying of walls, floors and ceilings, and all things which are in the rooms. Do not forget to air rooms, thus, providing access for fresh air. Though it is impossible to consider it fresh, but nevertheless it is much better than that air which we breathe in the house. New development of "Eleline" can clear air in the premise which is intended for clearing polluted air.


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