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Nectar of the Grateful Victim is an account filled with Truth and tinged with Fiction of thirty years in the life of a remarkable and an inspirng woman, called Maya, who learns the values of hope and personal responsibility after her youthful dreams run into a brick wall of societal limitations.

Success is enthusiasm in the face of repeated setbacks.

Nectar of the Grateful Victim: The new novel by Taran Dhillon, is a fascinating uplifting account of one woman's brave journey to self-reliance, to self-actualization and ultimately to selflessness.

Based on a true story, Nectar of the Grateful Victim follows Maya from the 1950s through the '70s, revealing a life typical of many women born in India. The teenage Maya is thrust into marriage with a complete stranger who is grossly misrepresented to Maya's family. She is subsequently whisked away to the then-new nation of Tanzania, Africa, where await life-threatening dangers for which she is wholly unprepared. In time Maya sets her course upon a third continent and upon a pathway of self-discovery that leads her to personal freedom and public vindication as a pillar of the community.

Maya undergoes a dramatic transformation of consciousness, realising that she must have the courage to break free from the social and religious conditioning that has traditionally suppressed women and kept them from seeing their true beauty and power. In addition, she realises she must break free from a sense of victimisation by replacing her indignation with forgiveness for past wrongs and gratitude for future possibilities.

"Any one of us may choose between being a miserable victim of circumstances or a self-actualised creator of meaningful and lasting happiness," Dhillon writes.

Nectar of the Grateful Victim is about embracing the power that resides within. This soul-stirring book derives great strength in being drawn from the experiences of an entire generation of women who dared to dream of a more equitable world, and who also dared to evolve to make that world a reality.

About the Author:

Taran Dhillon holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, earned in London, and she currently resides in the charming West London town of Hounslow where she (like her character Maya) operates a specialized school that recognizes the uniqueness of each student's gifts and needs. Ms. Dhillon has also provided no-cost counseling to her community for decades, first to her students, later to the parents of students, and ultimately to the greater Hounslow community.

Many attributes of Ms. Dhillon's heroine Maya, indeed many of the scenes of Maya's life as presented in the book you hold, reflect the real-life experiences of its author. For example, both Maya and Ms. Dhillon were Indian-born teen brides by way of arranged marriages, both women dwelt for more than a decade in Tanzania, and both have made devoted careers in the education of children.

Nectar of the Grateful Victim is Ms. Dhillon's first published book, but she is already at work on additional volumes that will expand upon Maya's story and will share greater detail about the philosophy and practice of Ms. Dhillon's school and counseling in Hounslow.

Ms. Dhillon is quite fond of quoting Sir Winston Churchill's declaration that "Success is enthusiasm in the face of repeated setbacks." In fact, Nectar of the Grateful Victim is Ms. Dhillon's case in point that any one of us may choose between being a miserable victim of circumstances or a self-actualized creator of meaningful and lasting happiness.

Addressing this very issue, Ms. Dhillon recently said in an interview, "I have always believed that each of us steers his or her own life; you can choose the direction you want. In reality, there need be no victims, for we choose whether or not to be a victim. And I agree that we are a product of the past, yet today is easily within our grasp. My doctrine, if you wish to call it that, is to believe in the present… in the now. Furthermore, since each of us has the ability to control our own current actions, but not the actions of others, why waste time trying to reshape anyone else? Instead, be daringly creative by reshaping yourself and, in the process, voluntarily throw away your victim card once and for all."

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