New Information Product Explains How To Reduce The $17 Trillion Spent On U.S. Health Care

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In 2008, the costs of health care in the United States reached $2.4 trillion or 17% of our gross domestic product (GDP) and that high cost is because we focus on 'cure', rather than 'prevention'. The health of the body depends on the health of each individual cell, which needs clean air and superior water to thrive. In a new information product, Sydney Johnston of, has revealed a simple and inexpensive way to purify and activate ordinary tap water. With large amounts of this water, cells will thrive and the US can drastically reduce its health care expenditure and eliminate incredible suffering.

My skin began to almost glow, but that was the least of my changes

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A bitter debate rages in the US about the best way to provide health care for every citizen, but there is one word that is rarely mentioned: prevention. In 2008, the costs of health care in the United States reached $2.4 trillion or 17% of our gross domestic product (GDP). There are approximately 100 trillion cells in the human body and if each one of those cells is healthy, sickness and disease are an impossibility. So reducing the astronomical health care budget can be done by promoting cell health. Sydney Johnston of has just just released an information product explaining a simple and inexpensive way to promote healthy cells before disease gains a foothold in the body.

Johnston's answer appeared when a 1960s high school science book literally fell at her feet during a used book sale. The 40 year old textbook described an experiment to purify and oxygenate ordinary tap water. Curious, she decided to try the inexpensive ($1.99) and simple method on herself to see if it would improve her complexion. Three months later, Johnston was astounded at the changes in her health from drinking what she laughingly calls her 'Magic Water'. "My skin began to almost glow, but that was the least of my changes", says Johnston. "All my muscle aches vanished, along with occasional shortness of breath and a persistent cough. My eating binges are a thing of the past and my afternoon 'brain fog' is completely gone. And best of all, my energy has exploded!" She is so thrilled with the changes that she has produced a CD about her experience, titled pure skin care. She points out, however, that the changes will go far beyond a healthier skin.

The human cell needs water, but the EPA admits "Drinking water ... may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants" and sets standards for approximately 90 additives including Fecal Coliform (human or animal wastes); E coli (can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches, or other symptoms); parasites; radioactive materials like radon; inorganic contaminants like lead and arsenic; synthetic organic contaminants, including pesticides and herbicides like dioxin and chlordane; volatile organic contaminants like benzene; disinfectants and disinfectant byproducts and more. The EPA acknowledges that hundreds - or even thousands - more contaminants are in our water system with no regulation whatsoever.

The National Tap Water Database has organized 22 million water quality tests and states that among the unregulated contaminants are auto fuel additives and jet fuel ingredients.

Clearly, cell health will be only an illusion if we provide our bodies such inferior fuel. Healthy water will go a long way towards preventing the suffering, misery and expense of ill health. If purified water can promote cell health for less than $5, we Americans would be foolish not to consider such methods.

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Sydney Johnston is an entrepreneur and blogger who creates information products on alternative health, youthing and natural healing.

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