UVSI Super Efficient UV Water Treatment Chambers Reduce Energy Cost by 90%

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Ultraviolet Sciences Inc, in San Diego, CA has introduced a new line of UV water treatment equipment for water disinfection and purification. The new UV water treatment equipment is super energy efficient, compact in size, and reduces operations cost by 90% over conventional systems. These equipments are designed for the Beverage, Microelectronics, Pharmaceutical, Waste water and Municipal industries.

products, UV Sciences has taken the spotlight as the industry leader in UV water treatment.

Ultraviolet Sciences Inc. (UVSI), water treatment solutions use approximately 1/10th the energy of competing systems. This means energy operating costs are lowered by nearly 90%. The efficient and ultra compact UVS438S-500 treatment chamber treats over 500 GPM using just 200 watts of power. Competing systems use nearly 2000 watts to perform the equivalent level of disinfection.

The key element is the patented design of the water treatment chamber. Unlike competing systems which lose up to 90% of the UV energy as it is absorbed by the housing, UVSI products lose less than 1% of their UV energy. The patented chamber has interior walls that reflect nearly all the disinfection 253.7 nm UV wavelength energy. The UV photon ricochets throughout the chamber until it is finally absorbed by a microbe.

"With increased attention being placed on "Green Tech/Clean Tech" products, UV Sciences has taken the spotlight as the industry leader in UV water treatment." states Ron Chaffee, V.P. of Business Development, adding: "Our efficient design saves enough money over competing systems that the unit pays for itself within a three year period. So with UVSI products you get the best possible outcome. You will save money by going "Green".

UVSI water treatment chambers are the "Energy SuperStars". Operating costs and maintenance costs are just a fraction of competing systems. Additionally the modular nature gives the designer and end user many degrees of freedom in configuring the system to the unique system requirements.

UVSI designs, manufactures, and sells UV systems for commercial and industrial industries with emphasis in the beverage, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, waste water and water reclamation sectors. UVSI product's unique, patented design, make them the most efficient UV treatment chambers available. The savings in energy, space, and maintenance costs are unparalleled in the industry. http://www.uvsciences.com

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