Voodoo or Vital New Self-Healing Tool? ShamanPortal Website Takes Up the Issue

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How widespread is Shamanism and Shamanic Healing today? Who is benefiting and why?

People in the technological advanced West are searching for different low tech answers

Surprisingly, it turns out that Shamanism is no longer the secret healing practice of far away indigenous tribes. According to the leading Internet site, Shaman Portal, it is top entertainers, lawyers, CEOs, politicians, career women and men of all ages who are seeking new relief for consisting physical problems, depression, anxiety and stress in the practice of Shamanism.

As people become more disillusioned with Western medicine, science and organized religion solutions, the practice of Shamanism emerged again, as the new nourishment for the body and soul. "Increasingly, we've become more in touch with our spiritual side," observes Itzhak Beery, a New York-based advertising executive, Shamanic practitioner and the founder of Shaman Portal. "Shamanism taps into this new awareness and is becoming an important part of our personal growth and healing."

Statistics from Shaman Portal attest to this trend and movement's fast pace growth. Over 20,000 visitors a month from 159 countries logging on and the figures continue to grow. 87% of all visitors to Shaman Portal are from the United States. Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Spain and many others make up the remainder.

It is interesting to note that of the U.S. visitors, the majority are from highly concentrated technological areas such as California's Silicone Valley, Virginia (Alexandria is a "tech" center) and New York City's Silicon Alley.

"People in the technological advanced West are searching for different low tech answers," notes Beery. "They are not satisfied solely with scientific and technological innovation. They want something to connect them with their soul. They already accepted the connection between body, soul and spirit and they want to be part of nature and a community."

Shaman Portal was created to give the growing global Shamanic community, and its practitioners a hub, and to help them reach and educate mainstream society.

Itzhak Beery comments that: "Shamanism is a practice one can find in every society around the world under many different names, and many believe that this is the oldest healing and spiritual practice found. In its core shamans believe that everything in the universe is alive and made from small energy particles, embedded with consciences or spirit. The shaman or healer has a way to influence or connect with these spirits, ask for help and bring about change in the physical and emotional condition of the client or environment. Shamans use herbs, plants, mineral, the cardinal elements and cosmic direction and other spiritual forces to heal their clients. Shamans believe in the connection and integration between the soul and the physical body. When the soul feels better, the body can heal itself. This balance is essential to well-being."

It is significant that many referrals to qualified Shaman practitioners today come from psychiatrists and psychoanalysts. "Shamanism works in a non-intellectual, non-verbal way to bring rapid change, peace, balance and wholeness to the person. It cleans up negative energy so that he or she can find their own center and experience their own genuine power," says Beery. "It is a new way to reclaim personal power - not phony power - but true power--so that we can accept what is there and stand tall like a tree."

For more information contact Itzhak Beery: info (at) shamanportal (dot) org or call 212-533-0909 Shaman Portal


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